2016-04-21 / Letters

What If?

To The Editor:

Imagine living in Fulton County and your beautiful streams and creeks have been polluted or contaminated. Fish, turtles, crayfish, aquatic insects and other stream-born creatures died. Fishing in Spring Run and Big Cove Creek are things of the past.

Your drinking water from your well is not fit to drink due to impurities and bacteria because of contamination. You are not able to sit on your deck on a summer evening because of the unbearable stench of hog manure in the air.

You are not able move, sell or rent your home because no one wants to live there. Your property value has been reduced by 40-50 percent because of the odor. Basic needs for living such as clean air and water have deteriorated.

You might say this could never happen here. Don’t bet on it! Other communities in other states have been adversely affected where large corporate farms and concentrated animal feeding operations (CAFO) have been built and activated. Our area is extremely vulnerable to such a pollution event.

In our area where there are many springs and sinkholes, manure spills, even minor ones, either at the farm site or an overturned truck hauling manure, could ruin these local watersheds and cause irreparable damage. The site of this proposed CAFO is not the right place for its construction. Being so close Big Cove Creek and other tributaries are huge reasons. There are many other variables and situations that can also impact our environment.

It’s not too late to oppose the construction of this CAFO. If you are concerned, contact your commissioners and state representatives to state your objections. Please sign the petition available at Harr’s Store, on Rte. 522, expressing your opinions and concerns to protect our health and environment.

A concerned Fulton County
Dave Lippert,
Ravensburg Rd.

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