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Central Fulton Adopts Debt Resolution

To review proposed policy on Naloxone
By Chanin Rotz-Mountz

Central Fulton School Board gave a unanimous nod of approval to a debt resolution that outlines the issuance of general obligation bonds this year for the proposed elementary renovation project.

According to the description of the resolution, described by Gordon Walker of Public Financial Management and solicitor Joe Pierce of Eckert, Seamans, Cherin and Mellott LLC, the $6.515 million would be applied to “planning, design, purchase, acquisition, construction, furnishing and equipping of alterations, and renovations to the elementary school building and grounds.” Closing on the bonds is tentatively set for May 18, and the bond series would be callable in 2022.

The board went on to approve the general operating budget for Tuscarora Intermediate Unit #11 in the amount of $2,984,917. The district’s share of the expenses is $4,225 for instructional material services, plus additional costs assessed as needed for physical therapy, vision and psychology.

The board authorized upgrading the intercom/paging/clock controller in the middle/high school, which will serve as a “master control” for the elementary following the renovation project. The upgrade, according to the administration, will allow for all-calls to the entire campus in the event of an emergency from any telephone within the district. Costs associated with the project will be taken from the capital improvements fund.

Approximately $31,200 of the capital improvements fund will also be used for new wifi equipment/ system for the entire district, as well as for the purchase of network cables. Additional costs associated with the project will be covered through the federal, summer E-Rate program.

The contracts for the wifi upgrades are contingent upon receiving the E-Rate funding, and it was noted upgrades should typically occur every five to seven years.

The district is set to begin advertising for the removal of a modular building located behind the high school. The building is available on a first-come, first-served basis, and the person removing the building is responsible for removal costs.

In other business last Tuesday, the board approved several field trip requests, including Terri Rader’s class on a walking trip to Giant in April as it pertains to Common Core math; Rader’s class on a walking trip to Wild Annie’s and the Cone Zone on two occasions in May as related to their transition and curriculum goals; and Student Council, National Honor Society and Spirit Club students to Trough Creek State Park in April for leadership and team-building skills.

Other trips unanimously approved were for several elementary students to participate in SongFest in April at Juniata Valley High School; Math 24 challenge students to Juniata College in May; and a group of students to Sam’s Club and CiCi’s Pizza in April for additional community-based instruction.

Under athletics, the board approved a role reversal for coaches Dane Pollock and Garry Miller Jr. As a result of action taken last Tuesday, Miller will now serve as a junior varsity baseball coach, and Pollock will be a volunteer baseball coach. Miller’s salary was accordingly set at $1,845.

Those receiving placement on the 2015-16 extracurricular salary scale were approved as follows:

 Jeremy Hollinshead, boys track and field second assistant coach, $2,370

 Erin Pistner, volunteer track and field coach

 Howard Mellott, junior high assistant volunteer baseball coach

 Jason Funk, volunteer baseball coach

 Josh Lowery, volunteer track and field coach

 Randolph Keefer, volunteer track and field coach

 Kellee Truax, elementary intramural volleyball coach, $615

 Brent Pistner, spring game co-manager, $833.34

 Kenny Welsh, spring game co-manager, $833.34.

Rachel Leese of McConnellsburg was added to the district’s professional substitute list as was Jenna Hollenshead of Needmore pending the receipt of her teaching certification. Leese is also available to serve in the capacity of library aide.

A fourth-grade teacher was authorized to take an additional day of unpaid leave in April for travel due to a change in itinerary.

In addition, retroactive to January 10-February 23, an elementary teacher was approved to take a leave of absence; a secondary teacher was approved for a leave of absence February 28-April 10; and a secondary teacher was approved for a leave of absence between March 23 and May 13.

A second reading of policies dealing with vocational-technical programs; conduct and disciplinary procedures for administrative employees; meal accounts; child/student abuse; maintaining professional adult/student boundaries; and volunteers, guests and visitors was approved.

The board is also slated to begin its review of a new policy dealing with Naloxone, which if made available at the district could be used in the event of opioid overdoses. By approving a policy on Naloxone, the district would be able to apply for a grant that would supply two doses of the nonaddictive drug used in countering an overdose.

Superintendent Dixie Paruch stated while the district is not required to keep Naloxone on hand, it would simply be a precaution that would enable the district to be prepared in the case of an emergency. Other agencies that carry Naloxone are state police and probation, added Paruch, who also noted the topic is a controversial one that brings out a lot of mixed feelings for those involved.

“We need the policy to move forward with it, but we hope we never have to use it (Naloxone),” she said.

Under transportation, James Keebaugh of Harrisonville was authorized to serve as a substitute bus driver pending receipt of his remaining credentials.

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