2016-04-21 / Correspondents' Notes

Our Town

By Kay McGarvey

Deb Welsh travelled to Seattle, Wash., to visit her sister, Amy Turcinov, and Gabe and Zara. While there she also visited with Danielle McGarvey Wagner and daughters Brooke and Reese.

Fulton County Medical Center Auxiliary is selling sticky buns from the Penn State Grill in Penn State. There are two boxes of sticky buns to each order. Order plain, nuts and apple. Cost is $7 per order. Contact Nancy Younker 717-294-3507 or Sally Cover 717-485-4144 to order.

Birthday wishes to April Cromwell, April 18; Kayla Souders, 19 on April 15; Jodi Hann, April 29; Danielle Mc- Garvey Wagner, May 1; Leroy Sheeder, Tom Howells and Tom Christian, May 3; Laura “Becky” Martz, 88 on April 29; Andrew Washabaugh, April 26; Roger Skvarka, 80 on April 19; Darlene Snyder, April 17; Sydney Buterbaugh, April 26; Mac Shives, April 25; Tina Gress, April 20; Nancy Cordell, April 23; Clark and Mary Brant, 80 on April 12 and May 12; Abby Hann, April 18; Clara Hedrick, 83 on May 1.

In 1865 President Abraham Lincoln was shot April 14 by John Wilkes Booth. He died the following morning.

Celebrating wedding anniversaries are Chris and Christian Hann, April 25; Bob and Norma Vores, April 20; Mike and Susan Glessner Jr., April 30; and Mike and Cindy Glessner, April 19.

Jane Humbert Wright and Dolly Mellott Keith of the Chambersburg area enjoyed lunch on Tuesday in Greencastle with former classmates of this area.

Big Cove Tannery St. Paul’s Lutheran Church held its annual homemade soup sale on Saturday. Pies and hoagies were also sold .

Knobsville United Methodist Church held its annual rummage and homemade soup sale on Saturday.

Some county folks attended the annual Tim Cook Invitational on Saturday at Chambersburg High School that our county students were participating in.

A 90th birthday celebration was held Sunday at Mc- Connellvue VFW for Helen Foreman of Wells Tannery.

Sympathy goes out to the family of Cathy Richards who lost her battle with cancer over the weekend. She was a very talented musician.

Quotable Quotes: “If you believe you can, you might. If you know you can you will.”

It Happened This Week: Paul Revere took a midnight ride through Massachusetts to spread the word that British troops were on their way 1775.

Country Shortcuts: Have an old barbecue grill: Reuse it as a planter. The wheels make it easier to move if you need to.

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