2015-07-23 / Features

Shuster Announces Grant To Upgrade Emergency Response

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Congressman Bill Shuster and Congressman Glenn ‘GT’ Thompson announced on Monday that Huntingdon, Bedford, Blair, and Fulton counties will be receiving $175,000 in Appalachian Regional Commission (ARC) funding. The ARC funding will be used by the four counties to replace and upgrade their emergency response system, in order to meet the requirements of each of the counties and their first responders.

“This is excellent news for our region,” said Congressman Bill Shuster. “The grant funding will pave the way for much-needed technological upgrades to our emergency response system and will ultimately play an important role in the lifesaving work our 9-1- 1 dispatchers and first responders have each time they are called upon.”

“Our first responders selflessly aid our neighbors during emergencies, and we must ensure they have adequate tools to identify the location of an emergency,” said Congressman Glenn ‘GT’ Thompson. “I applaud these four counties, their proactive approach combined with this grant will definitely help save lives in our communities,” added Thompson.

This state-of-the-art computer aided dispatch (CAD) system will be replacing all of the failing systems throughout these four counties. This upgraded CAD system will automatically show the name, phone number and location of the reporting party. It will then plot the 9-1-1 caller on a map, and the maps will be updated on a daily basis to provide accurate location of a caller having a 9-1-1 emergency. One of the main purposes of the CAD is to take the essential information from the caller and assist the 9-1- 1 dispatcher in properly identifying their location and recommending the appropriate first responder units to be dispatched to assist them. This will allow the newest technology to be utilized such as sending a text message to 9-1-1 and utilizing pictures and videos from those reporting an issue.

These counties have entered into an intergovernmental cooperation agreement to share this new and up-to-date service.

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