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Responds To Henry’s “Land Grab” Letter

To The Editor:

In response to Doug Henry’s letter about the Plum Hollow Hunting Club (PHHC) lawsuit, I would like to say the only reason his name was mentioned is that his name is listed on the lawsuit with the PHHC. I will try to address your letter step by step.

We have no intention to cause hate; I do not hate Doug Henry. I just want the public to be aware of the injustice being done to us and how it could happen to them.

I believe he should think back to all six days of the court hearings as I was also there. Maybe I can shed some light to clear some things up.

All of the lands in question were surveyed by Mr. Larson, so he was familiar with all the properties. It would have been a very slim possibility that he could have made such a large mistake. Also none of these property lines have been contested until the PHHC lawsuit.

Henry refers to the survey of 1984 expanding boundaries. In 1984, Cecil and Kenneth Fraker divided the property they “owned” together. That was all that was done; see Deed Book 111, Page 559. The outer boundaries of their properties have stayed the same since at least 1957.

As for a land grab or ownership, the survey we had done during this lawsuit was done in the field not in some office, and it shows all parties having the acreage their deeds call for. Why would we have taken the PHHC word for survey lines? That would be like having a common laborer doing brain surgery.

Henry said he has spent six months trying to make things right. To my knowledge you have never talked to any of us about this. If members of the PHHC would have been men enough to come to us in the first place a lot of time and money on both sides may have been saved.

Mark Hale

Fort Littleton

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