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Apologizes For Violating Probation

Editor’s Note: The following letter to the editor was penned by Maloree Peck as a follow- up to a court order issued last Tuesday by Fulton County Court of Common Pleas Judge Shawn Meyers. Peck, who had violated probation, was ordered to 15 days incarceration in the Franklin County Jail beginning March 17. The sentence, the judge said, would be reduced to five days if Peck wrote a letter publicly apologizing to Probation Officer Jody Keefer and explaining the seriousness of her situation. Although the letter does not meet the criteria usually applied to published letters (addresses the reader directly, not the editor; addresses a personal problem rather than a public issue, etc.), the “News” has still decided to publish the letter to help the defendant comply with the judge’s order and as a friend of the court. To The Editor:

Living in our society we have responsibilities. One of them is to follow the rule of law. When bad decisions are made and a law is broken sometimes you’re placed under the supervision of the probation department. When you’re under the supervision of the probation department you have responsibilities. When your responsibilities are not followed you may be placed in jail. I’m currently dealing with the effect of me not taking the responsibilities that Jody Keefer and I agreed upon seriously. Not only do I myself have responsibilities, but the probation department also has a responsibility to the citizens to ensure that they will enforce the rule of law.

I should have considered all the people that are being affected by my poor decisions. Then it wouldn’t have made it as difficult for the probation department to uphold their responsibilities and for that I am truly sorry. If any of you make a bad decision and wind up under the supervision of the probation department, I would strongly suggest for you to be serious and follow through with the requirements that were given to you. Not only does it make it better for you and keep you from having to go through what I am currently dealing with, but it will also help assure the probation department that you do take the matter seriously. It also makes it easier for the probation staff to ensure their responsibilities are met as well. This way you won’t have to face any time away from your family and loved ones.

I hope that whoever reads this considers that their freedom and the suffering of their self as well as their loved ones is not worth any of this. If you’re ever in a situation good or bad, know that the probation staff has the ability and resources to be able to help with other needs that you might not know about. Just know that if you find yourself in the same situation that it’s a result of your actions and they have a job to fulfill. I really hope that you will take it serious and know that it’s no joke and will think about the consequences before you act carelessly.

Maloree Peck


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