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Hendershot Road Conditions Deplorable

To The Editor:

My name is Victor C. Gavin. I currently reside at 1684 Hendershot Road, Union Township, Warfordsburg, PA 17267.

I am a 50 percent disabled Vietnam veteran. I require regular periods of treatments for service-related health problems.

The intent of this communication is to bring attention to the inability, on my part, to attend scheduled health appointments at the Veterans Medical Facility, located at Martinsburg, W.Va., due to the impassibility of vehicular traffic on Hendershot Road. The abysmal condition of the aforementioned township road also limits the delivery of vital medications (VA) that I require. Any doubts regarding limited postal service due to road conditions may easily be confirmed by contacting the Warfordsburg, Pa., Post Office.

I have been a tax-paying resident of Union Township since 1998, and have witnessed no significant effort to maintain this township roadway.

Aside from my personal needs, there are approximately ten (10) households dependent on Hendershot Road as a means to access maintained roads. A significant number of these households are comprised of senior citizens who are effectively isolated from health service (EMT, rescue, fire, etc.) vehicles due to the “third world” road conditions evidenced in Union Township.

The lack of significant response (and interest) on the part of socalled “responsible” township officials cannot help but make some of the residents along Hendershot Road wonder if funds are being diverted to enable “a Good Old Boys” network. This suspicion is, of course, speculative and unsubstantiated, but is, naturally, a matter of interest to taxpayers who feel ignored by elected/hired personnel.

The above communication is my opinion of a deplorable situation, but it is hardly a matter of self-interest. I am fortunate in living among good, caring neighbors, and I feel that we are entitled to better concern than we are receiving.

Victor C. Gavin


Graduate: U. S. ARMY

Engineers School, Fort Belvoir,

Va. 09/1997

Awarded: Bronze Star, Army

Commendation Medal,


Cross of Valor

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