2014-01-23 / Letters

Local Leaders Of Boy Scouts Should Participate In Annual Election

To The Editor:

The Mason-Dixon Council of the BSA will meet on January 22, 2014, in Hagerstown, Md., for the annual election. All elected positions are for one year. The 2014 nominating committee (five members) will determine one nominee for each position. Each voting member at the annual meeting may cast one vote, either for or against the complete list of nominees. The goal is to seek unanimous approval.

Councilbylawsrequirea5percent voting participation (quorum) and allow for a maximum of 100 on the governing body that may participate in the election. Not likely, but a minimum of five voting members could select the leaders for 2014.

Each sponsoring organization (I estimate at about 60), such as a club or church, is represented by a voting chartered organization representative (COR) and each of the previously elected or appointed “Members at Large” are qualified to vote. The future of local and national BSA is in their hands.

Please call your charter organization and insist that your unit is properly represented at the annual meeting. Questions? Call me at 717-328-3583.

Ralph E. Sipes

A Scouting Parent

Mercersburg, PA 17236

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