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Farm Show

Grindstone’s Gardner Clenches Champion Steer Title

Scott Gardner of Grindstone, Fayette County, took home the Grand Champion Market Steer banner with Baxter, his 1,305-pound middleweight steer, on Sunday, Jan. 5, at the 2014 Pennsylvania Farm Show.

Gardner, 18, enjoys the everyday hard work that comes with showing steers. “Working and bonding with the steer is the best part. Showing is just a bonus,” said Gardner.

Paige Stahl of Somerset, Somerset County, was honored with the Reserve Champion banner with her 1,355-pound steer. Her steer enjoys the occasional apple treat from Tractor Supply.

“I enjoy all the behind-the- scenes work of showing steers,” she said. “It takes a lot of consistency and family help.”

Judge Gene Steiner of Mason, Ohio, agreed. “Showing cattle is a team effort – friends, family and exhibitor all have to work together.” Of the 63 steers, he considered the champion and reserve, both from the crossbred division, as the show’s most ideal, completepackaged steers. Champion and reserve champions of each breed:


Champion: Killiann George, Perry Co.

Reserve Champion: Tara Hausner, York Co.


Champion: Reagan Dunn, Crawford Co.

Reserve Champion: Walker Dunn, Crawford Co.

All other purebreds

Champion: Tyler Mattocks, Crawford Co.

Reserve Champion: Dalton Gromlich, Berks Co.

Lightweight crossbred

Champion: Jared Fessler, Lebanon Co.

Reserve Champion: Brandon Laird, Washington Co.

Middleweight crossbred

Champion: Scott Gardner, Fayette Co.

Reserve Champion: Bryce Fitzgerald, Chester Co.

Light heavyweight crossbred

Champion: Paige Stahl, Somerset Co.

Reserve Champion: Brody Fitzgerald, Chester Co.

Heavyweight crossbred

Champion: Jessica Butler, Fayette Co.

Reserve Champion: Ethan Beegle, Bedford Co.

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