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Commissioners Attend To Annual Business

By Chanin Rotz-Mountz


Fulton County commissioners Rodney McCray, Craig Cutchall and Irvin Dasher closed out 2013 with a final meeting last Tuesday and opened up the new year this week holding several executive sessions and penning agreements.

Last Tuesday, the commissioners gave a nod of approval to a request submitted by the Taylor Township Board of Supervisors to encumber 2013 Liquid Fuel funding in the amount of $1,242 to 2014.

A contract was penned with local attorney Philip Harper to continue to serve as a conflicts attorney for the 2014 calendar year.

Another appointment was made by the commissioners on December 31, naming the firm of Keller Engineers to serve as the county engineer for 2014.

A resolution was approved giving the tri-county Area Agency on Aging interim executive director Anne Harvey signature authority to conduct business. Follow-up resolutions were also accepted appointing Harvey as trustee of the Area Agency on Aging’s 457 Retirement Plan.

Millennium Insurance Group was given permission by the commissioners to solicit insurance quotes for the county’s insurance renewal and to sign the appropriate letters of authorization.

In their lone department-head meeting of the morning, the commissioners met with technology director Eldon Martin, who presented several agreements and quotes for consideration. During the meeting with Martin the commissioners approved a quote for upgrading the county’s mail server licenses at a cost of $5,699.44. Martin noted the county last performed an upgrade in 2055.

The commissioners also signed a managed service agreement with Global Data Consultants to provide backup and troubleshooting services to the county. Instead of a prior rate of $16,000 for 100 hours of service, the commissioners purchased 25 hours at a rate of $2,437.50.

Martin also presented the commissioners with several annual agreements with Tele-Plus. Among those was a 2014 maintenance contract in the amount of $6,675.50, which represented a $400 increase from that of the 2013 contract. The commissioners tabled taking action on a monitoring contract in hopes dates and amounts can be properly reworded.

Several appointments were made to the Fulton Industrial Development Authority by the commissioners, including that of Bob Hendershot and Wayne MacDonald. Hendershot’s term is set to expire December 31, 2017, while MacDonald’s term will conclude the following December.

Appointments to the Farmland Preservation Board through December 31, 2015, included Lonnie Palmer, Mark Knepper and Tom Nesbitt as farming members and Ellis L. Yingling as a member atlarge.

Chief Clerk Dan Swain presented the commissioners with a letterhead design containing the county’s new seal. Swain stated he is hoping to achieve a standard look for all of the county offices and hopes to have each department head review their pertinent documents before they are officially rolled out.

The commissioners also reviewed a county organizational chart, which last received approval in October 2012. The proposed alterations to the document include changing the title of business manager to chief financial officer and making the new jury coordination position a position falling under the jurisdiction of the court. No action was taken by the commissioners.

On Monday, January 6, the commissioners authorized an agreement with Westmoreland County that will allow a prisoner to be housed at its facilities for a period of 90 days.

A waiver of liens was approved with Fulton Electrical Services in connection with the courthouse lightning protection, after which an agreement was signed with CSE to provide maintenance of the HVAC system at the office of Magisterial District Judge Wendy Mellott in the amount of $1,528.

Magisterial District Judge Devin Horne sat down with the commissioners regarding the renovations at his office that have provided additional space for staff. Horne also touched on the process for filling a part-time, as needed, position in his office as well as future office cleanings.

Horne also presented the commissioners with a request to purchase a copy machine stand/storage unit in the amount of $319.91. The purchase was approved by signature.

The commissioners recessed Monday at 11:40 a.m. and reconvened the following morning to attend the swearing-in ceremony of Fulton County of Common Pleas judges Douglas W. Herman and Jeremiah Zook.

Area Agency on Aging interim executive director Anne Harvey provided information to the commissioners pertinent to the redemption of farmer’s market food vouchers handed out to area seniors. Harvey pointed out the redemption percentage locally is lower than that of other counties. The commissioners and Harvey agreed that a location should be found for the establishment of a farmer’s market in McConnellsburg.

Harvey also provided the commissioners with a set of quotes for the purchase of energy for senior centers. The rates were shared with the county’s new chief financial officer, Douglas Tengler, who officially began his duties Monday. Pleased with the rate quotes, Tengler suggested locking in a rate for a period of four years.

The commissioners met behind closed doors for 90 minutes with technology director Eldon Martin for personnel-related issues and followed it with a 15- minute executive session with solicitor Stanley Kerlin.

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