2014-01-09 / Correspondents' Notes


By Kate Berkstresser

I guess we can say the weekend arrived with Ole Man Winter. With him came the temperatures that were a little on the low side.

Some of the churches didn’t have services on Sunday so folks could stay in out of the cold.

Glad to report my greatgrandson, Dakota Mundorf, was able to return home Saturday after a few days at a Pittsburgh hospital due to an accidental arm laceration. We send complete recovery wishes to him.

The children have gone back to school after the holiday vacation. Hope everyone had a happy new year and has a good year in 2014.

Household Hint: Slow down those wrinkles. Don’t get sunburned, sun causes wrinkling. Don’t smoke because smoking constricts blood vessels and impairs circulation, just the opposite effects of exercise. Keep your house humidified during heating season because dry skin is a sure beginning of wrinkled skin. Use a moisturizer both night and during the day.

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