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Who’s Really Messing With Voter’s Rights

To The Editor:

Mrs. Dasher wrote a letter to the editor prior to the November election. I found the beginning of her letter informative, but then she got into the basic Democratic talking points on voter ID. She states that PA Auditor General Eugene Depasquale claims that the money going into the voter ID effort is a waste. She did not tell you that Mr. Depasquale is a Democrat who maybe has designs on being governor. Why would a Democrat with political ambitions want to mess with the Philadelphia Democratic voting machine? I challenge Mrs. Dasher to review the results of the last several elections in Philadelphia and tell me there are no problems. Even the last spring primary had many issues. To quote our ex-Governor Rendell (a Democrat from Philadelphia) who called the voting system run in Philadelphia a yeasty system where the rule of law isn’t always followed.”

Since the 2008 election, the Democrats have blamed the Republicans for trying to prevent people from voting; they have made it into a minority and racial rights issue. Well let’s look on the other side of the coin. First we have the IRS scandal where groups that were thought to be aligned with the Tea Party were delayed in getting status to receive funds that may impact the election. Of course a full investigation was promised, but it seems none has been started. Information about donors to Republican candidates were leaked so they could be harassed and boycotted. A “story” was contrived on the Benghazi attack to hide the true reason prior to the election. Timelines in the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) were extended so that they weren’t in effect until after the election; in fact, that is being done for the 2014 election. Now there is concern that unemployment numbers were possibly lowered prior to the presidential election to make the economy appear better than it was. I am sure that this will also be investigated as throughly as Benghazi, the IRS scandal, and Fast and Furious, which means it will go nowhere. Oh, did you remember the New Black Panthers standing in front of the polling booths in Philadelphia intimidating voters. Of course that case was proceeding but dropped by the Justice Department once Eric Holder came on board.

In a world where you need a picture ID to cash a check, see a doctor, get a prescription, buy alcohol, get welfare, get unemployment, get a hunting license, travel on a plane, why would we expect that one for voting wouldn’t be needed. It seems that the Democrats want everyone to vote but don’t want them to really know what they are voting for. What a way to run a system, but then it’s working for them. When a voter votes after being told falsehoods, their right to make a wise choice at the polls has been compromised.

Larry Smith

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