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20 Years Ago

From The Files Of December 30, 1993


The Golden Arches have yet to be set but the new McDonald’s restaurant construction in Mc-

Connellsburg is proceeding well within schedule and a spokesperson for the franchise owner has indicated that if all work continues as scheduled, the restaurant could open during the third week of January.

A Christmas Day fire at the Hagerstown Speedway which caused about $500,000 in damage has been ruled an arson. About 20 vehicles stored in the concrete storage building and adjacent lean-to were destroyed or heavily damaged. Many of the vehicles were equipment from speedway owner Frank Plessinger’s P&W Excavting Co. of Mc- Connellsburg.

Wells Peck will celebrate his 94th birthday on January 9.

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Bentz, Needmore, are proud to announce the engagement of their daughter, Peggy Ann, to Troy Mitchell Koons, son of Mr. and Mrs. Theron Koons Jr., McConnellsburg.

Births at the Medical Center: a daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Kirby Carbaugh of Needmore on December 21; a daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Robert Christopher of Harrisonville on December 25.

Deaths: Edna True, Warfordsburg; Laura Pitcox, Fort Littleton; Herman Helman, Carlisle; Anna Carlisle, Berkeley Springs; Jesse Hughes, Broad Top City; Mildred Keefer, Hancock; Laura Youngblood, Berkeley Springs; Lee Sheffield, Fort Littleton; Damen Sadler, Dayton, Ohio; Paul Pittman Sr., McConnellsburg; Melvin Schooley, Pompano Beach, Fla.; Rev. Catherine Knox, Hagerstown.

30 Years Ago

From The Files Of January 12, 1984


Despite the efforts of affected towns and businesses and a subsequent Pennsylvania Public Utilities Commission ruling, Greyhound Bus Lines will discontinue its bus route through McConnellsburg effective January 12.

Fulton County Board of Commissioners last Friday appointed a new public defender for the county, attorney Jill McCracken of Chambersburg.

County employees will find their paychecks a bit larger next payday due to action taken on Friday by the county salaryboard.Thesalaryboardapproveda5percentpayincrease for all county employees at the board’s yearly meeting held in the courtroom.

Residents of South First Street in McConnellsburg received an unexpected post-holiday visitor late last week when a potentially rabid fox made an appearance in the neighborhood around midnight Thursday night. Robert Jones of South First Street spotted the fox in the middle of the street late Thursday and went for his gun in hopes of dissuading the unwelcomed guest. When Jones returned, he spotted the animal in the yard of Clifford Glunt Sr. Jones called Glunt to alert him, and the two men watched the animal for about an hour, unable to get a clean shot at the fox. Eventually, the fox worked its way up to the residence of Dr. James Shultz. Jones and Glunt decided to alert Dr. Shultz to the visitor’s presence and asked the doctor to turn on the outside light in hopes of getting a shot at the animal. The fox took up residence under the doctor’s truck and eventually moved out into the open on the carport floor. Dr. Shultz reported that the animal did not move as Shultz opened the side door, giving the doctor an opportunity to shoot the animal. No one handled the fox directly as the men shoveled it into a plastic garbage bag. County game protector Crowder was called to remove the animal. He said the fox wasn’t tested for rabies since there was no human contact. Crowder did say that he was 99.9 percent sure the animal was rabid based on its strange behavior and its appearance.

Lee Leatherman, owner of Modern Day Cleaners in Chambersburg, has purchased One-Hour Cleaners, Lincoln Way West, McConnellsburg, from former owner Mildred Bloom. Bloom, who began the business in August 1953, with the late Ralph Mellott, will continue to work part time in an advisory capacity.

Births at the Medical Center: a daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Donald E. Sipes of McConnellsburg on December 31; a daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Yeakle of Clear Springs on January 2; a son to Mr. and Mrs. Randall Will, Mc- Connellsburg, on January 3; a son to Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Fisher, McConnellsburg, on January 3; a daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Michael Conner, Breezewood, on January 4.

McConnellsburg United Methodist Church was the setting for the wedding of Denise Abbott of McConnellsburg and Dennis James Starr of Freedom, Pa., December 10.

Deaths: Lillian Black, McConnellsburg; Leslie Ruppenthal, Berkeley Springs; Lillie VanHorn, Wells Tannery; Cora Sayers, Fulton County Nursing Home.

40 Years Ago

From The Files Of January 10, 1974


After a two-day trial last week, a Superior Court jury sentenced Carl J. Isaacs Jr. to death in the electric chair for the execution-like deaths of six members of the Ned Alday family of Donalsonville, Ga., last May. The other two defendants, Wayne Carl Coleman, 26, a half-brother of Isaacs, and George Dungee, 35, Baltimore, Md., will be tried next week.

McConnellsburg’s new mayor, Donald “Pete” Culler, was sworn in on Monday night, succeeding Max Stenger, who held that office for 14 consecutive years.

Dr. William Milroth is now practicing in McConnellsburg. Dr. Milroth of Pittsburgh, decided to locate in Mc- Connellsburg after being introduced to the community through a New York physician recruiting agency, whose services were engaged by the county commissioners.

There were 86 marriage licenses issued from the local courthouse during 1973. The last couple to apply for a license was Jerel Gregory of Needmore and Margaret Hess of Hancock. There have been no applications for licenses since the cost went up to $5 in the new year.

Births at the Medical Center: a son to Mr. and Mrs. Randall Semple of Rockhill Furnace on December 28; a son to Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Gress of McConnellsburg on December 29; a daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Robert Mitchell of Warfordsburg on January 1; a son to Mr. and Mrs. David Hixon of Hancock on January 1; a daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Mark Sensel of Warfordsburg on January 4.

Army Pfc. James T.E. Betts, 17, son of Mrs. Alice King of Warfordsburg, completed a 12-week welding course at U.S. Army Ordinance Center and School, Aberdeen Proving Ground, Md.

Family members and close friends attended the wedding of Miss Gaye Alene Keefer and Paul Richard Deshong on Saturday afternoon, December 15, in Sideling Hill Congregational Christian Church of Needmore. Parents of the couple are Mr. and Mrs. Wilbert Keefer of McConnellsburg and Mr. and Mrs. Willard F. DeShong of Needmore.

Recent engagements: Mrs. Sarah M. Hill of Needmore and Fred N. Hill of Lebanon announce the engagement of their daughter, Althea Beatrice, to Wayne Dale Calhoun Strait, son of Mrs. Deloris Leese of Mercersburg and Dallas Strait of Harrisonville. Mr. and Mrs. Buford R. Munson of Carlisle announce the engagement of their daughter, Jean Frances, to Dwain C. Souders, son of Mr. and Mrs. Carl Souders of Warfordsburg. Mr. and Mrs. Eugene F. Earley wish to announce the engagement of their daughter, Deborah, to John H. Brink, son of Dr. and Mrs. Cornelius Brink of Chambersburg.

Specials at the GIA: Borden’s Lite Line ice milk, 59 cents; half-gallon; Banquet frozen TV dinners, 49 cents; Lebanon bologna, 85 cents, half-pound; Scott facial tissues, 3 boxes for $1; Contact cold tablets, 99 cents.

Deaths: Mrs. Emma Lequear, Indiatlantic, Fla.; Mrs. Marguerite Crisswell Strait, Wells Tannery; Ira Russell Mellott, McConnellsburg; Jeffrey L. Angle, Mercersburg; Bernard Berkstresser, Tyrone; Franklin M. Taylor, Broad Top.

50 Years Ago

From The Files of January 16, 1964


For the first time in memory of McConnellsburg postal employees, the mail failed to arrive from

Chambersburg due to a traffic tie-up because of heavy snow there.

Dr. Robert W. C of McConnellsburg left Wednesday for Williamson, W.Va., where he has joined the staff of Miners Memorial Hospital.

Schools in Fulton County were closed at the beginning of the week due to the severe snowstorm.

McConnellsburg Woman’s Club is soliciting donations to provide 150 folding chairs to be kept permanently at the community bandshell at the courthouse.

Charles R. Cox of Mount Union has been appointed cashier of Fulton County National Bank to replace Eugene Earley, who resigned the position on October 9, 1963. He will begin his duties on January 10.

The North-South Shortway, the official agency for promoting tourism in the area, met last week at the Eagle Hotel, Orbisonia, and elected Martin H. Heine of Huntingdon as president. Several Fulton County businessmen belong to the organization.

A feature in this issue describes the skirmish during the Civil War in which two Confederate soldiers died on June 29, 1863, and were buried east of McConnellsburg. The story is taken from a book entitled “The Great Invasion” written 20 years later by Jacob Hoke, a Chambersburg merchant.

The 1963 antlered deer kill in the state of more than 47,500 set an all-time record.

An ordinance is advertised in this issue by McConnellsburg Borough Council for the acquisition of certain lands south of the borough to be used for the purchase of constructing a sewerage disposal plant.

Mrs. Mary Hammann of Buck Valley, Fulton County’s oldest resident, will celebrate her 102nd birthday on Thursday.

Mrs. Jack Morton suffered a broken bone in her hand last week when she slipped and fell on the ice at her home.

Mrs. Mable Kelso was brought home Tuesday from Washington County Hospital, Hagerstown, after she underwent surgery.

Mrs. Reed Lynch of McConnellsburg underwent surgery on Tuesday at Chambersburg Hospital, where she was taken on Sunday after falling and breaking her leg.

Appearing in Fulton County Court on Friday, Gerald C. Kling and John E. Kling, brothers of Burnt Cabins, filed pleas of guilty to drag-racing charges lodged by state police after they had been involved in a serious accident with a third car on the Lincoln Highway, west of St. Thomas.

A new two-way radio installed in the local state police substation will make it possible for Maryland and Pennsylvania State Police to work in close cooperation. The radio, which was hooked up last week, puts the local substation in direct contact with Cumberland and Hagerstown, with Hancock included on the Hagerstown call.

A 42-year-old McConnellsburg area mother of 14 children was given suspended sentences Friday afternoon after entering pleas of guilty in Franklin County Court on six counts of issuing worthless checks and was also directed by Judge Chauncey Depuy to make restitution to merchants who brought the charges and to pay the cost of prosecution.

Army Spc. Four Daniel S. Pluta, 23, whose wife, Patsy, lives at Clarksville, Tenn., completed a personnel management specialist course at U.S. Army Adjutant General School, Fort Benjamin, Harrison, Ind., in mid-December. Pluta, whose parents, Mr. and Mrs. Alfred N. Frey, live in Warfordsburg, is a 1959 graduate of Southern Fulton High School and entered the Army in November 1959.

Mr. and Mrs. A.R. Williams of Big Cove Tannery celebrated their golden wedding anniversary recently.

Deaths: Mrs. Lillian Booty of Bedford; Mrs. Myrtle Wharton of Berkeley Springs; Scott R. Bishop of Mercersburg; Alvin C. Peck of McConnellsburg; Miss Anne Foster of Six Mile Run; Carl O. Grissinger of Saxton.

60 Years Ago


Nancy, 9-year-old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ralph

Hammond of McConnellsburg, is a patient in

Chambersburg Hospital for observation.

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Grissinger motored to Pittsburgh on Monday to attend the funeral of a member of Mrs. Grissinger’s family.

Announcement has been made of the engagement of Miss Ethel Spangler of Chambersburg to Lewis Boden of Knobsville.

The following have been named as directors of Fulton County National Bank for the current year: Walter R. Sloan, J. Spangler, Elwood J. Mellott, Levi P. Morton, W. Russell Kendall, Robert G. Alexander and Wilson L. Nace.

Violations are expected to be issued this week against residents of the town who continue to flush sewage into the creek that runs through the borough. The violation carries a fine of $25 a day. Residents along the creek are also warned not to dump ashes and other refuse into the creek and were further ordered to clear the stream of refuse already thrown in. Other residents who have drains emptying into alleys and highways were ordered to stop this nuisance.

Triplet Holstein cows were born during the past weekend on the Frank Kirchner farm at Fort Littleton. They are two bulls and a heifer.

Directors of First National Bank are: W.W. Grissinger, Geo. S. Grissinger, Lewis Harris, E.C. Harris, Harry M. Johnston, Dr. E.H. MacKinlay and Merrill W. Nace.

James Hollenshead, state sentinel of Keystone Future Farmers Association, is heading a delegation of Fulton County Future Farmers that is participating in the state Farm Show this week. He also helped officiate at a meeting on Wednesday, at which time Harold C. Welsh, county superintendent of schools, was awarded an honorary Keystone Farmer Degree. Among the county boys at the Farm Show are Stanley Hann of McConnellsburg and Johnny Ritz and Warren Peck, both of Warfordsburg, who were awarded Keystone degrees. Hann is also a delegate from Fulton Bedford-Blair area. Kirk Cover and Raymond Snyder of McConnellsburg are members of Future Farmer Band. Larry Knepper was awarded a gold emblem in the state junior corn growing contest.

Death: Thomas McCune of Hollidaysburg.

Alvin Huss Meyers, 51, of Amaranth, formerly of Mercersburg, was killed last Wednesday morning when he was pinned under the rear axle housing while working on his car. Meyers was living in a trailer on the land of L.R. Smith, a planing mill operator of Amaranth. In the morning, he obtained Smith’s permission to work on his car in the garage that is a part of the planing mill. At 10 o’clock, his body was discovered by Guy R. Hiles of Amaranth. The bumper jack braking the two rear wheels had slipped, pinning Meyers under the axle housing.

Death: Belle Kann of Harrisburg.

Births at the Medical Center: a daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Charley M. Chilcote of Clear Ridge on January 1; a daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Alvin H. Kerlin of Fort Littleton on January 5; a daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Shannon Hedge of Robertsdale on January 5; a son to Mr. and Mrs. Otis G. Stine of Clear Spring on January 8; a daughter to Mr. and Mrs. William R. Anderson of Harrisonville on January 8; a son to Mr. and Mrs. Denver Mellott of McConnellsburg on January 12; a daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Donald Bain of Cito on January 10; a daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Gale Cook of Three Springs on January 10; a daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Frank Lynch of McConnellsburg on January 12.

There were 32 present for Sunday School at Fort Littleton on January 10. The offering was $8.39.

Born: a daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Park on January 10.

Death: Robert, 5-month-old son of Mr. and Mrs. James Barnhart of Warfordsburg.

Death: Dr. Albert N. Mellott of Ambridge.

70 Years Ago

From The Files Of January 13, 1944


Deaths: Riley Wilson of Harrisonville; Morgan

Smith of Crystal Spring; Benjamin F. Buterbaugh of Chambersburg; Harry B. Foor of Breezewood; Albert C. Schetrompf of Everett.

Another Fulton County war casualty was disclosed last week when Mr. and Mrs. John Helman of McConnellsburg received word from the War Department that their son, Pfc. Donald A. Helman, had died of wounds received in action in the North African area. Pfc. Helman entered the armed forces in October 1941, being among the first from Fulton County to enter into the current struggle. He was sent to Australia in April 1942 and in December 1942 was transferred to the North African area. His regiment had the honor of representing the American forces in the Victory Parade in Tunis.

Harry M. Elvey, H.U. Nace and D.G. Shives were sworn in Tuesday as new members of the Borough Council.

Henry K. Lequear has been assigned to University of Pennsylvania under the V-12 program that has been established by the Navy at various colleges and universities to train officer candidates.

Sgt. Harvey E. Laidig, who had been stationed in Iceland for more than two years, is now “somewhere in England.”

Judy Lorraine is the name given to the new baby born to Mr. and Mrs. Walter Ray of Lincoln Way East on December 21.

Mrs. Levi P. Morton has been substituting as teacher in Greenhill Schools for Mrs. John Sammel.

Jennings M. Lynch received his wings at Blackland Army Air Base, Waco, Texas, last Friday.

George Wagner of Knobsville suffered a slight stroke on Monday.

Pvt. Paul T. Ott has arrived safely in Hawaii.

William Miller’s house at Fort Littleton burned last week.

80 Years Ago

From The Files Of January 11, 1934


Deaths: Mrs.

George B. Mellott of

McConnellsburg; Mrs. William Peck of Sharpe; Paul L. Coldsmith of Greencastle; Mrs. Lisa Wible of near Maddensville.

Melvin W. Crist and Marie V. Palmer were married January 1.

Clyde Deshong’s small store near Harrisonville was burglarized over the weekend. Tobacco and food stuffs worth about $50 were stolen.

Roy Witter will represent Fulton County in the horseshoe pitching contest at the Farm Show next week.

About 70 members of the local Lutheran Church gathered at the parsonage on Friday night to surprise Rev. and Mrs. Donald F. Brake with a generous gift of provisions and the supplies for a party that night.

Hilda Mae Dalbey, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Dalbey of McConnellsburg, escaped serious injury when she was struck by a car near the R&G Garage on Thursday afternoon.

Mr. and Mrs. Walter Dyer of Thompson Township received a 12-pound baby boy as a Christmas present.

A baby daughter was born to Mr. and Mrs. F.D. McClain of Fairview last week, the fourth daughter in this family.

90 Years Ago

From The Files Of January 10, 1924

’24 The stockholders of Fulton Electric Light, Heat and Power Co. held their first annual meeting in The First National Bank on Tuesday afternoon. The board of directors now include M. Nace, D.L. Grissinger, D.E. Little, William Hull, Wilson L. Nace, Geo. W. Hays, M.W. Lodge, Hon. Peter Morton and W.R. Sloan.

The new county commissioners began their terms of office last Monday. They are Jacob W. Mellott, Cloyd Gress and Sheridan Hann. The new board appointed Hon. John P. Sipes as their attorney and Squire Charles Lynch as clerk.

The new Borough Council was organized last Monday with these members: Ahimaaz Clevenger, Mark Lodge, Lloyd Mellott, Geo. W. Hays, Rev. H.L. Jarrett and Geo. B. Mellott. J.W. Linn is the remaining member but did not take his seat at this time.

Norman G. Mellott and Carrie May Seiders were married on January 3.

Ross Hamil and Anna Brocksage were wed December 12.

The directors of The First National Bank for the coming year are Hon. John Sipes, B. Frank Henry, Hon. Peter Morton, Tobias Glazier, D.L. Grissinger, Dr. J.W. Mosser, H.S. Daniels, D.E. Little and William Hull.

Wilson Fields of Clear Ridge butchered a pig Saturday that weighed 762 pounds.

On Saturday morning, Mrs. Jacob Winegardner of Clear Ridge fell on the ice and broke her right arm near the elbow.

Rachel Taylor recently sold her home in Hustontown for $630.

William Taylor of Clear Ridge fell on Christmas Day and dislocated his shoulder.

W.J. Deneen of Warfordsburg butchered the hog that won first prize at the Fulton County Fair this year. The animal weighed 1,087 pounds and dressed 978 pounds; the hams weighed 100 pounds each and the lard amounted to 225 pounds.

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