2014-01-02 / Correspondents' Notes


By Kate

I hope everyone had a nice Christmas with family and friends, and I wish everyone a happy and good new year in


Sympathy to the family and friends of Audrey Cutchall who passed away over the weekend.

Henry and Maxine Deshong were involved in an accident Saturday in which their car hit Lester and Margaret Newman’s house. The Deshongs were taken to Fulton County Medical Center. We send speedy recovery wishes to them.

June Bennett of Carlisle spent Tuesday with her mother, Kate Berkstresser. Jackie and Ryan Berktresser of Grove City and Earl and Pat Berkstresser also visited in the same home.

A snowwhite owl was seen on a barn roof one day last week in Clear Ridge.

Household Hint: Reuse that christmas tree if you had a real one. Place it out in the yard so the birds can perch on it. You can put suet or cakes of birdseed on it. You will enjoy watching the birds enjoy the tree.

Happy New Year!

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