2013-12-12 / Letters

Favors New Location Of Recycling Bins

To The Editor:

I would like to commend the county commissioners for saving some green space in their resurfacing of the old IGA parking lot. I hope they do not return the recycling bins to the old location in the parking lot. It was an eyesore as well as a congested location. In addition, children playing in the alley always led to a dangerous situation.

The current location provides more space, is safer and seems to be getting just as much use. With a bit more advertising I think it would become the ideal location for the project.

One more thing. When will the idiots who use the recycling bin for household garbage ever get a clue as to the real purpose for recycling?

Tom Duffey


Editor’s Note: McConnellsburg’s recycling bins are now located on the north side of North Fifth Street, just east of the American Legion home. They were relocated for the repaving of the county’s parking lot referenced above. It is not known at this time whether the bins will remain at their present location or not.

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