2013-12-05 / Local & State

Bald Eagles Build New Nest In Pittsburgh

PITTSBURGH (AP) – A pair of bald eagles is building a new nest in a Pittsburgh neighborhood.

Bird watchers say the eagles are building the nest in the Hays neighborhood along the Monongahela River. The pair arrived last spring and raised a chick, but that nest later collapsed, though the young eagle survived. The new nest is about 100 yards away.

Bob Mulvihill of the National Aviary says the eagles are likely to remain through winter if the river does not freeze over and fish continue to be available.

The Audubon Society of western Pennsylvania says bald eagles are also now nesting on the Ohio and Allegheny rivers near Pittsburgh, and that it’s probably been more than 200 years since that happened. There are now more than 200 nests sites statewide.

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