2013-12-05 / Front Page

FCMC Caregivers Reach New Contract


Nurses and other healthcare providers at Fulton County Medical Center have unanimously ratified a new union contract.

The three-year contract provides an average 2.3 percent across-the-board wage increase each year, and maintains affordable healthcare coverage for caregivers and their families. It also provides important protections and incentives.

“My patients are my top priority,” said Hope Saylor, RN. “I know that providing the best care possible starts with ensuring we can recruit and retain a quality workforce. This contract will make sure that everyone who walks through our doors receives the level of care they deserve from a highly qualified staff.”

The hospital recently an- nounced a $2 million profit for the 2013 fiscal year.

“We are so proud of our hospital’s success,” said Cassie Scott, RN. “We know it takes all of us working together to serve our community and achieve those kinds of results, and our new contract allows us to share that success.”

Caregivers at Fulton County Medical Center are members of SEIU Healthcare Pennsylvania.

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