2013-12-05 / Front Page

Ayr Adopts Proposed 2014 Budget

By Jean Snyder


The Ayr Township supervisors adopted a proposed 2014 budget at their regular November meeting.

The supervisors adopted the proposed budget for 2014 that calls for expenditures in the amount of $321,940 and new revenues in the same amount. Projected spending is down from their 2013 budget of $ 330,335

According to the proposed budget, expenses are set at $55,000 for general government, $25,000 for safety, $2,000 for bulky item days, $143,440 for highway and roads, $2,500 for recreation, $2,000 for fire hydrant rental and $92,000 for miscellaneous. The township plans to end the year with $1,304,510 in fund equity. Ayr levies no property, occupation or per-capita taxes on itsresidents.Onlya1percent earned-income tax is levied in the township, and it is split with the school district.

A final budget is scheduled to be adopted at the township’s meeting on December 23.

In addition to budget matters, the supervisors also discussed plans for JLG’s military facility expansion, but gave no final approval as the Conservation District has not completed its reburg view of the project.

A discussion was also held on the bridge inspection report for the Ravensburg Bridge, but no final decision was made on repairs that were estimated at $82,425 by the 2013 local NBIS (National Bridge Inspection Standards) bridge inspection report. The report has been passed on to Tom Morisi, the township’s engineer.

The Ayr Township supervisors meet on the last Monday of each month at 7 p.m. at the township building. The December meeting has been changed to December 23 to accommodate the supervisors’ schedule.

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