2013-11-21 / Local & State

Gov. Corbett Calls For Action on Transportation Bill

(AP) Gov. Tom Corbett urged the state House of Representatives to adopt a compromise transportation plan that will keep Pennsylvanians safe, keep Pennsylvania businesses competitive, create jobs and keep drivers and transit riders moving.

“Pennsylvanians can wait no longer to be assured their bridges will be safe and remain open, their highways will remain smooth, and their transit systems will be kept in place,” Corbett said. “No action on the compromise plan that all sides have hammered out in the last few weeks is not acceptable. Pennsylvania will suffer in many ways if this opportunity passes.”

Corbett has made stops around the state calling attention to the outstanding transportation needs and urging legislators to vote for a solution. A compromise plan that addresses Pennsylvania’s backlog of bridge maintenance, pavement, congestion and transit needs has taken shape and is expected to be ready this week for votes.

“We have waited decades for action on a comprehensive transportation plan,” Corbett said. “This week, we need action that delivers final votes on a comprehensive plan to address our crumbling roads, weakening bridges and failing transit systems.”

PennDOT Secretary Barry J. Schoch added, “I thank the governor for his leadership, and the members of the Legislature and staff who have worked diligently to bring us to this point. We are now one step closer to passing the most significant transportation legislation in decades.”

For more information on transportation funding, visit www.dot.state.pa.us.

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