2013-11-21 / Local & State

Fulton County Audit Report Finalized

Interviews ongoing for CFO position
By Chanin Rotz-Mountz


The Fulton County commissioners heard from their auditors Tuesday morning on the status of the audit report for 2012.

Auditors Rebecca Kendall, Ellen Wagner and Sandra “Sonnie” Stenger presented the commissioners with a copy of the finalized budget for the year ending December 31, 2012. The auditors confirmed under questioning by Commissioner Craig Cutchall that there were no findings and “no red paint.” They also reported receiving full cooperation from all involved departments.

A summary of the audit is slated to be published in The Fulton County News.

The auditors touched on their proposed budget for 2014 and noted there may be a need for additional working days. Kendall added that in completing the 2012 budget each of the three auditors worked an extra three days.

Commissioner Rodney McCray said next year’s budget would include 40 working days, and, if additional time is needed, the commissioners should be made aware. They should also be notified regarding the cost and location of the annual conference for county auditors. The most recent conference was most held in Venango

County but was not attended by local officials due to the distance involved.

In other business, the commissioners indicated they held three interviews for the position of chief financial officer last Thursday and would be conducting three additional interviews Tuesday afternoon. A second round of interviews will be held November 26.

County employee Penny Kipp sat down with the commissioners Tuesday morning as a concerned taxpayer. Kipp questioned the commissioners regarding the proposed position of jury commissioner as well as the amount of compensation being contemplated for the selected individual. Kipp noted that in previous years elected officials have taken on additional duties without receiving additional monetary compensation. She also suggested posting the position instead of giving it to an elected official for more compensation.

The commissioners noted as part of their meeting minutes that in “two instances elected officials do have additional compensation for additional duties assumed.”

The commissioners penned an agreement with Charlie Reed “The Repairman” to perform work at the north entrance of the probation office to help mitigate stormwater intrusion. Cost of the project is not to exceed $1,500.

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