2013-11-21 / Correspondents' Notes

Our Town

By Kay McGarvey

Birthday wishes to Dolly Miller, Delores Sheffield, November 5; John Duffey, November 3; Jacyie Moody, 8 on November 22; Randi Mellott, 37 on November 23; Betty Mellott, November 24; Cara Bishop, November 26; Clair Traxler and Linda Covert, November 29; Jade Keefer, 10 on November 28; Alma Anderson, December 1; Arlene Nesbitt, and Larkin Shearer, November 29; Randy Skiles, November 23; Nancy Barmont, November 29; Lexianna Everts, 5 on November 29; Justin Garlock and Erma Chamberlain, November 24; Bob Carter, November 27; Shirley Yingling, November 29; Denny Pollock, November 28; and Keith Cunningham, November 17.

Sympathy goes ut to the family of Larry Morton who passed away last week.

Sympathy also to the families of Charles Dean on the death of his son, Nathan, and to the family of Slade Benchoff of Hustontown.

Sarrah Pollock was chosen to play in Four Diamonds all-star soccer team that was last Tuesday night in Greencastle. It was the first year in 12 years that they had the girls soccer team competing. Nick Daniels was also chosen for the boys team.

Fulton County Medical Center employees saw that Ruth Souders celebrated her 101st birthday in a big way. She really enjoyed it.

Marlene Strait had stomach surgery last week and is at home recuperating.

On Thursday, November 22, it will be 50 years since the shooting death of President John F. Kennedy in 1963 in Texas.

Jill Doyle had gallbladder surgery last Friday and is home recuperating.

Fulton Chapter of the Eastern Star 519 made apple dumplings for a fundraiser on Friday.

Have a happy and safe Thanksgiving to all.

Fifty-eight McConnellsburg Elementary and Middle School students presented “Aladdin and His Wonderful Magical Lamp” over thew weekend and did a wonderful job.

Arron and Tressa Deshong will observe their 58th wedding anniversary on November 26.

Wanda Souders and Deb Welsh travelled to Charlottesville, Va., on Saturday to watch the University of Virginia women’s basketball team play the Lady Techsters of Louisiana Tech.

St. Paul Lutheran Church of McConnellsburg members held an advent wreath mak- ing on Sunday and also celebrated Pastor Neil Roy’s 50th birthday with cake and food.

Quotable Quotes: “Kindness is loving people more than they deserve.”

It Happened This Week: The first Teddy Bear was crafted in 1902. Toy maker Morris Michton named his stuffed bar after President “Teddy” Roosevelt. It’s said to have been inspired by a bear Roosevelt spared during a hunting trip.

Country Shortcuts: “Clean dirty glass Christmas ornaments by wiping them with a used fabric softener sheet. It not only cleans but repels dust, too.

Nellie (Mellott) Pearson of Silver Spring, Md., formerly from Webster Mills, visited with the Mellott family and they celebrated her upcoming 97th birthday. Nellie spent the summer in Camp May, N.J., and is now back in Silver Spring. Her sister is Sharon Glazier. She is the daughter of the late Rankin and Katherine Mellott.

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