2013-11-14 / Sports

Bear Hunting Need Not Mean A Long Travel Time

HUNTINGDON – Bear numbers are on the rise and they’re occurring not far away. Wildlife conservation officers in Franklin, Cumberland, and Fulton counties have reported increased bear incidents in their districts. They’ve been fielding calls on nuisance bears, automobile/ bear collisions and people just reporting seeing a bear in their area.

Lester Martin of Willow Hill is experiencing the increase in problems that come with a growing bear population. He has seen sows with cubs romping on his tree farm and damaging the trees. The bears see the tree tubes, used to protect the young saplings, as playthings and snap the trees off. This causes a loss in product and increased labor costs. He’d like to see more bear hunters in the area.

The statewide firearms bear season is November 23 and 25-27. Opportunities to take a bear exist in the local area and don’t require traveling great distances to be successful. Hunters are encouraged to look for areas with thick cover near farm-lands or other food sources. Many farmers will open their land for bear hunting, all they require is that you ask permission.

Hunters are reminded that a bear license is needed in addition to regular hunting license. You must also wear 250 square inches of daylight fluorescent orange on your head, chest and back combined, visible 360 degrees at all times while hunting bear.

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