2013-11-14 / Local & State

Danza Antiques To Conduct Artist Residency At MES

McConnellsburg Elementary School is sponsoring an Arts in Education program hosting Nancy J. Walker and Jeff Savage (Danza Antiqua), AIE Rostered Artists, for 10 days between October 21 and November 25, 2013. The project gives fourthgrade students a complete immersion into dance, associated arts, history, life and culture. This project covers time periods from Renaissance to modern day. It covers the important types of social dances that have marked changes in culture and musical style. With this instruction, the students can use these social dances and associated subjects as a basis to inter-connect and enhance their various curriculums.

The fourth-grade core groups will learn dances and related subjects from the Titanic to modern era, including Ragtime Animal dances, the Roaring 20s Charleston, 1930s Big Apple, 1940s Lambeth Walk and Swing, 1950s and 60s American Bandstand (Monkey, Stroll, Swim, Pony, Watusi, Hitchhiker, Freddie, Batman), 1950s Latin Influence, 1970s Disco Saturday Night Fever Line Dance and Modern Ballroom. Each era is supported by movie clips and PowerPoint presentations. These movie clips and PowerPoint examples cover the social standards, toys, celebrities, fashion, political milestones and musical styles for each era.

The historical periods available to all other grades as workshops were 15th Century Early English Colonial, 16th Century Mid English Colonial, French Noble Style, 17th Century, Late English Colonial, 18th Century, French & Indian, Revolutionary War, Federal Period, Regency Era, Napoleonic Period, Victorian Era, Spanish American War (1820-1901), Edwardian Era (1901-1910), Ragtime Era, WWI, Roaring Twenties - 30s’, WWII, 1950s, Latin Influence, 1960s, 1970s, 1980s and Modern Ballroom. At the conclusion of the project, the students will participate in a culminating assembly.

This project was supported by the Pennsylvania Council on the Arts, a state agency, through its regional arts funding partnerships. State government funding for the arts depends upon an annual appropriation by the Pennsylvania General Assembly and from the National Endowment for the Arts, a federal agency. Funding is administered in this region by stARTSomething, Cultural Alliance of York.

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