2013-10-24 / Local & State

Festival Art Awards

Best of Show/People’s Choice Best of Show/People’s Choice Best of Show

“Living Water” by Dee Henry.

People’s Choice

“Living Water” by Dee Henry.

Oil and Acrylic Landscape

First - “Living Water” by Dee Henry; second - “The Source” by Dee Henry; third - “Autumn’s Last Dance” by Laura Shindle; honorable mention – “Early Morning Garden” by Linda Best. Oil And Acrylic People And Animals

First - “Julia 1” by Anne Gobin; second - “Julia 2” by Anne Gobin; third - “I Struck Gold” by Evie Cook.

Oil and Acrylic Still Life

First - “Baskets” by Anne Gobin; second - “Peonie Radiance” by Christine Fries; third - The White Gourd” by Laura Shindle; honorable mention – “Golden Forsythia” by Joan Fries.


First - “Fritz Farm” by Laura Shindle; second - “Dedham, England” by Virginia Harr; third - “Tuscan Cafe” by Glen Sabetto; honorable mention – “Colchester, England” by Virginia Hair.


First - “Winter Blanket” by Linda

Mosemann; second - “Winter Field” by Linda Mosemann; third - “Red Brick Road” by Linda Mosemann; honorable mention - “Cottage By The Sea” by Joyce Washabaugh.


First - “ Dove Cottage” by Dwight Harvey; second - “If Tulips Could Kiss” by Keith Curfman; third - “Brotherhood” by Roy Cline.


First - “Dorothy’s Farm” by Joanne Leeds; second - “Pelican Duet” by Glen Sabetto; third - “Clivia” by Linda Best.

Children’s Art

First - “A Light In The Darkness” by Madison Culler; second - “Spring Foliage” by Madison Culler; third - “Morning Glory” by Madison Culler.

Children’s Photography

First - “Nothing Gold Can Stay” by Ethan J. Mellott; second - “Ridge View Sunset” by Ethan J. Mellott; third - “End Of The Rainbow” by Ethan J. Mellott.

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