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Southern Fulton Holds Special Meeting

Superintendent to serve as construction project manager
By Chanin Rotz-Mountz


What will become a common practice in the months to come, the Southern Fulton School Board started out its special meeting earlier this month with a walkthrough of construction areas in the high school.

The walk-through attended by administrators and board members, except for Sam Souders and Tim Hull, got under way at 7:15 p.m. and wrapped up at 8:55 p.m. as part of a special meeting held October 1. Others on hand for the meeting were Daniel Peck, Jason Schriever, James Katora, Charlie Shugart and Chris Barnett representing Crabtree Rohrbaugh & Associates.

Getting down to matters at hand, the board discussed the position of clerk of the works and went on to unanimously appoint a building committee and Superintendent Hervey Hann to serve as project manager.

The board noted Hann will serve as the main point of contact for all work for the renovation and energy savings project at the high school. In addition, Hann was given the task of keeping the project within the budget set forth by the board and on schedule. “Clear and concise” updates will be given to the board by Hann on a projected weekly basis.

Furthermore, the board stated building and grounds manager John Bain will serve as “construction support” and a second point of contact for all projected work. Bain, it was pointed out, will provide day-to-day support for construction-related issues such as facility access.

A formal notice of the board’s decision is expected to be sent to the project’s general manager and all subcontractors.

While in recent months the board has been conducting its meetings in the foyer area of the elementary, the board agreed that all future meetings will be held in the high school. Setting the meeting room location and making the proper notifications will fall to the superintendent.

As part of its meeting changes, the board also moved to expand the board work session to one hour. The additional time will be used to tour the existing construction areas as organized and led by Hann.

The board also unanimously agreed that all future legal/public notices regarding its meetings should be penned in such a way to allow any relevant item to be added to the agenda. As an example, among those topics of discussion added to the October special meeting agenda were clerk of the works, board meeting location, work sessions, public notices, discussion of pre-K and curriculum reports.

Under curriculum reports, the board unanimously agreed it will be provided with a “monthly summary” of all actions related to curriculum taken in the district. Those actions will be included as part of the administrative reports shared at monthly meetings.

The board wrapped up its meeting with a 45-minute executive session to discuss personnel matters. No action was taken upon reconvening.

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