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Reviews Recycling Rules

To The Editor:

We all have the opportunity to decrease the amount of garbage we dispose of, save valuable resources for future use, and provide resources for current industry and stimulate the state’s economy. Utilizing our county recycling opportunities can do all this, if we recycle properly. However, we seem to be having some issues with this.

I’d like to remind people that the big, green “single-stream” recycling drop–off bins are for recyclables only! The bins have signs on them noting what is acceptable and what is not. I also have plenty of brochures describing what we can recycle and what we can’t. Given the continued, blatant dumping of nonrecyclables into those bins, a more concerted effort will be made to prosecute anyone who puts non-recyclable items in the recycling bins. Placing anything other than recyclable material (as described in our brochure) into or around the drop-off bins is considered illegal dumping or theft of services.

I’d also like to clarify some apparent confusion. The singlestream recycling bins and the electronics recycling sheds are owned by the “South Central Counties Solid Waste Agency” (Huntingdon, Bedford, Fulton counties), not by the Fulton County Conservation District.

A quick note to anyone who actually held off on bringing an unwanted television into the Fulton County electronics collection program

– As many of you know, because of difficulties in recycling televisions, I’d asked people to no longer drop them off at our electronics recycling collection sheds. Unfortunately, the flow of televisions didn’t slow down at all. So, if you are one of the very few that heeded my request, you might as well bring your television in and place it in one of the recycling sheds. While we still have the same issue dealing with televisions, there’s no sense in you holding onto yours if everyone else is dropping theirs off.

A reminder to all county residents – State law prohibits the disposal of most electronic devices (TVs, computers, monitors, printers, etc.) in any way other than the recycling of that material. There are four “electronics recycling sheds” located throughout the county. Please place your unwanted electronics in those sheds. Do not put it in your garbage, do not take it to your township’s bulky waste days.

My heartfelt thanks go to all those residents who recycle and do so properly (only placing those materials we can actually recycle into the bins). If you don’t recycle and you’d like to join your friends and neighbors who do, but you aren’t sure how, feel free to contact me. Keep recycling Fulton County!!

Greg Reineke

Fulton County Recycling


717-485-3547, Ext. 120

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