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Commissioner Dasher Denies Vote Symbolic

To The Editor:

After reading the front-page article of The Fulton County News October 10 edition, I would like to clarify the events that occurred surrounding the resignation of Fulton County business manager Tim Stanton.

I choose not to engage in any fingerpointing or blame assessment in the matter so as not to jeopardize my working relationship with my fellow commissioners; but I do take exception to the assumption that my decision to accept the resignation was a “symbolic” vote.

I voted to accept the resignation that had been submitted to the Fulton County commissioners. Although this vote was reported to be “symbolic,” it was in fact real. Despite the 2-1 rejection of Mr. Stanton’s resignation, he nevertheless elected to reaffirm his resignation. I hope this clarifies the events that occurred.

I take my responsibilities of county commissioner very seriously and strive to make intelligent decisions because I believe that is why the citizens of Fulton County elected me. Symbolic votes have their place, but in my opinion, not with serious matters such as the working atmosphere of county government employees and/or the economic future of Fulton County.

Irvin L. Dasher

Fulton County


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