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Commissioners’ Business Manager Resigns Position

Proposals opened for office, warehouse space
By Chanin Rotz-Mountz


The Fulton County commissioners dealt with one last personnel issue last Tuesday afternoon before adjourning–handling the unexpected resignation of one of their key players who in recent years has handled a variety of tasks from budget preparations to Right-To-Know requests.

Commissioners Rodney Mc- Cray, Craig Cutchall and Irvin Dasher sat down behind closed doors for nearly an hour to discuss what was termed a “personnel matter.” Upon reconvening at 5 p.m., the commissioners voted 2-1 to reject the resignation of business manager Tim Stanton. Commissioner Dasher cast the board’s dissenting vote on rejecting it. However, Stanton will leave in spite of the symbolic vote.

This week the commissioners were unavailable during Tuesday afternoon to comment on Stanton’s sudden resignation or to elaborate on if the job’s duties will fall to existing employees or whether it will be advertised and filled.

In addition to his duties as business manager, Stanton has worn a number of hats since he first became employed by Fulton County. Stanton, a resident of Mercersburg, has overseen the county’s maintenance employees, handled Right-To-Know requests and human resource issues and devised personnel-related policies in addition to preparing a budget and fielding budget requests from various county offices and other organization’s outside of the county’s umbrella.

According to Chief Clerk Dan Swain, the commissioners were slated to discuss the impending vacancy further on Wednesday.

In other business addressed October 8, the commissioners reestablished a $750,000 line of credit with Susquehanna Bank for the Huntingdon-Bedford-Fulton Area Agency on Aging.

The commissioners signed off on a notice to proceed with Gelvin & Son LLC for the Brush Creek Township handicapped-accessibility upgrades project.

County employee Penny Kipp sat down with the commissioners as a concerned taxpayer to voice her questions regarding a recent request for proposals for office and warehouse space. A portion of the advertisement dealt with the future housing of the electronics recycling program overseen by the Fulton County Conservation District. The commissioners indicated they were looking to provide combined space for the Conservation District as well as NRCS office and Penn State Extension. They further noted the current office space in the old IGA building is “somewhat constricted for large trucks to be able to access that building in order to pick up recycled electronics.” The commissioners concluded the goal of the possible office relocation would be “revenue neutral.”

In a follow-up meeting, the commissioners opened up proposals received for the office and warehouse space. On hand for the opening were recycling coordinator Greg Reineke, Donald Bard, Kathleen Gunnell and count solicitor Stanley Kerlin. Those submitting bids, which were tabled for review, included P&J Rentals, Michael and Sarah Binder, Michael Bard and Anvil Properties.

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