2013-10-03 / Local & State

Pa. Senators Vote To Lift CHIP’s 6-Month Wait

HARRISBURG, Pa. (AP) – The state Senate has advanced a portion of Gov. Tom Corbett’s just-released plan to help children get health insurance.

Senators voted unanimously Wednesday to eliminate a six-month waiting period during which some children must go uninsured before entering Pennsylvania’s Children’s Health Insurance Program. The bill goes to the House.

The waiting period applies to children who qualify for the low- cost and at- cost CHIP programs, but not the free CHIP program.

The state Insurance Department says it helps ensure that employers or parents don’t drop private insurance to enroll kids in CHIP. There are exceptions for children who are under two, lost health benefits because a parent lost their job or moved from another public insurance program.

Since he became governor, chlidren’s enrollment in Medicaid and CHIP has shrunk by 65,000.

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