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Park Family Holds Reunion

The 49th annual reunion of the descendants of Clay and Alice Park was held August 18, 2013, at Dublin Mills Church pavilion. It started out rainy and the temperature was a cool 64 degrees, but cleared and warmed up for a beautiful day.

There were 77 family members and guests in attendance for food, fellowship and games. Harold Adams gave the blessing for the covered dish meal at 12:30 p.m. Then the business meeting was presided over by President Harold Adams, reading scripture from John 3:1- 7. Last year’s meeting minutes were accepted as read by Nina Hendershot. The new election of officers are as follows: president - Harold Adams; vice president - Katie Hess; secretary - Dauna Baker; treasurer - Irene Miller.

Throughout the day a Three Springs Mill feed sack was chanced off and won by Helen Souders and also chanced off was a Park family reunion book won by Evelyn Grissinger.

Children’s games were supervised by Marie Park and Ruth Haines. Games played included the clothespin in bottle, jumping frogs, fishing and throwing balls. All the children were awarded prizes. Next year’s games will be presided over by Tina Woodall.

Adult games were organized by Harold Adams. Games included oldest person - Sheldon Hess; oldest man - Sheldon Hess; oldest woman - Phyllis Park; traveled farthest - Kevin Hess (Wisconsin); youngest baby - Memorie Clapsadle (17 months); most recently married - Anthony and Phyllis DiFlavis; longest married - Wallace and Norma Newman; newest job - Nathan Sheffield; shot biggest buck - Bill Woodall; coin stack - Anita Newman; 75- yard race - Eric Newman and Helen Souders. Next year’s games will be by Harold Adams.

Irene Miller read the ancestry of Clay Park, beginning with his arrival from southern Scotland to owning three farms consisting of 750 acres. Those in attendance were:

Harold Adams, Jean Adams, Denny and Karen Long, Curt and Amy Patterson, Dauna Baker, Robert Mills, Harley Cohenour, Tam-my Nearhood, Nathan Shef-field, Dalton Nearhood, Jennifer Chappell, Baleigh and Braleigh Nearhood, Barry Booher, Janice Kill, Pat and Kevin Hess, Hannan Wood-all, Brandan Bain, John, Tina and Bill Woodall, Nip, Katie, Maggie, Michael, Ryan, Sheldon and Ann Hess, Zach and Billie Kinnan, Kylie Zittle, Nina and Harry Hendershot, Levi, Raquel, Natalie and Aliyah Ritter, Danielle, Dorion and Memorie Clapsadle, Pete Weaver, Beth Ann and Luther Dick, Erin Winegardner, Lanny, Sonja, Eric, Anita, Michael, Emily, Wallace and Norma Newman, Edwin and Betty Baker, Irene Miller, Ruth and Lois Haines, Esther, Tirzah and Ezra Heatwole, Marie Foster, Phyllis DiFlavis, Brenda Singles, Max Deane and Phyllis Park, Gaynelle and Mary Straughan, Melanie Hendershot, Benjamin, Helen and Jay Souders, Steve and Evelyn Grissinger and Theresa Besaw.

Next year’s reunion will be held at the same location Sunday, August 17.

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