2013-09-26 / Local & State

Corn Crop Towers In Fulton County

It’s been a super-good year for growing corn in Fulton County as the two photos above clearly show. The giant cornstalk on the left was grown by Creek Valley Farms on the former Veryl Spade farm along Black Bear Road in Belfast Township, which is owned by Veryl’s son, Jim. Creek Valley Farms is owned and operated by the Warren Swope family. The corn ear that is held by Coy Spade, Jim’s brother, in the photo is approximately nine feet from the ground. According to Coy, the stalks from this corn crop average between 13 and 14 feet in height. Dean Seiders is pictured on the right with a cornstalk that is about 15 feet. It was grown by his brother, David, just south of McConnellsburg in Ayr Township. The house in the background is a two-story home. Both photos were submitted to the “News” office last week.

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