2013-09-26 / Letters

Says Shuster Favors Social Security Cuts

To The Editor:

U.S. Rep. Bill Shuster held a phone-in town hall meeting on Sept. 16. I was one of thousands of citizens who accepted the call. Many of the questions the congressman was asked dealt with healthcare and Social Security.

Shuster stated that unless changes were made, the Social Security system will be bankrupt in 20 years. He stated that he is in favor of reducing the future benefits of citizens who are currently under the age of 55 in order to avoid this situation. He knows (if it is really true that Social Security will go bankrupt) that he has a clear choice here. Cut your children and grandchildren’s benefits or raise the Social Security taxes.

Shuster also knows that only the first $113,700 of income is taxed under the Social Security Act. In other words, Bill Gates pays the same amount of Social Security tax as a person making $113,700. The Walmart family, who make as much as all their store associates combined, will only pay taxes on the first $113,700 of income.

So who does Rep. Shuster represent in Washington, D.C.? Our children and grandchildren, or Bill Gates and Walmart? Why would anyone (making less than $113,700 a year) vote for someone who will take from our children in order to preserve the wealthiest Americans’ tax advantage?

Marty Hann


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