2013-09-19 / Family

Suburb Nixes Chicken-keeping Ordinan

IRWIN, Pa. (AP) – The commissioners of a western Pennsylvania bedroom community have rejected a push by some resident to allow them to raise small flocks of chickens in the backyards of their suburban lots.

The Pittsburgh Post- Gazette reports the North Huntingdon commissioners nixed the idea 5-1 Thursday.

Gayleen Fisher argued against the measure saying having “backyard chickens is regression. This is a progressive community with average sized suburban lots.’’

But supporters say raising chickens in urban and suburban areas is a trendy, smart and progressive idea that’s becoming increasingly popular.

Tiffany Alchof supported the ordinance and says, “Chickens are much quieter than dogs, kids, lawnmowers, motorcycles and the Norwin Band.’’

The commissioners voted against the ordinance largely due to constituent complaints and concerns about enforcing the measure.

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