2013-09-12 / Local & State

Throat Infection Cited In Philly Gorilla’s Death

PHILADELPHIA (AP) – Officials say a throat infection led to the death of a male gorilla under anesthesia at the Philadelphia Zoo last month.

Twenty-eight-year-old Jabari stopped breathing while he was being examined in August following appetite loss and signs of mouth or throat discomfort.

The zoo said Friday that a necropsy concluded that a bacterial infection under the back of the tongue caused major swelling around the windpipe of the male western lowland gorilla.

Officials said although Jabari appeared to be breathing adequately before anesthesia, the swelling blocked his airway once the drugs took effect and also thwarted attempts to insert a breathing tube.

In June, the zoo said a female gorilla named Kira was being brought from Boston to pair with Chicago-born Jabari, who arrived in Philadelphia in 2004.

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