2013-09-12 / Local & State

Pa. Bar Releases Ratings Of Judicial Candidates

HARRISBURG, Pa. (AP) – Four sitting appeals judges were rated as worthy of retention in the November election by a bar association report released Thursday.

The Pennsylvania Bar Association gave its “recommended for retention” score to justices Ronald Castille and Max Baer, and Superior Court judges Susan Gantman and Jack Panella.

The judges do not face opponents this fall, and voters nearly always return sitting judges in retention elections.

The evaluations, based on the judges’ recent written opinions, a questionnaire and input from fellow judges and lawyers, were produced by the association’s Judicial Evaluation Commission.

Baer, a former Allegheny County judge, was described as collegial and a consensus builder, with clear and wellreasoned opinions.

Castille, the chief justice and a former Philadelphia district attorney, has an excellent judicial temperament and strong work ethic, the association said.

The group praised Gantman for integrity and Panella for “well-reasoned, clear and concise” opinions.

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