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Borough Handles Routine Business

Hears update on county renovations, pays bills
By Jean Snyder


McConnellsburg Borough Council members heard an update on the county’s renovation project and approved payment of liquid fuel funds for two projects at their regular meeting last Wednesday evening.

Fulton County Chief Clerk Dan Swain updated the borough on the county’s plans to raze the brick Courthouse Annex #1 and to pave the parking lot on the east side of the street. Swain asked the council members for approval to pave a portion of East Spruce Street as it runs by the old IGA building as part of their paving project. The paving will be paid for using liquid fuel funds, and the low bidder for that portion of the alley was TMS Excavating with a bid of $4,850. Council approved the bid for the work. Swain said that although it is expected that the paving for that lot will be done this year, he also said that the paving scheduled for the alley running adjacent to the Neighborhood Service Center will likely not be done until next year. That project will require changes to the inlets to allow for proper drainage. Council members asked the county to consider fixing at least one inlet this year due to excess stormwater water runoff in that area.

In other business, council approved liquid fuel payments to P&W Excavating and to U.S. Municipal. A payment of $23,169 to P&W was approved for the paving on East North Street, while a payment of $394.08 was approved for U.S. Municipal for repairs to the salt spreader.

Borough secretary Jack Fields informed council members that the borough’s portion of the police pension fund for 2014 will be $7,691. Fields also announced that the street crossing lines were painted in anticipation of the beginning of the school year.

Fields also notified members that the Chamber of Commerce and Tourism is publishing a book and has asked the borough to take a one-eighth-page ad at a cost of $299. Council declined the request pointing out that it supports the organization by taking an ad each year in the Fall Folk Festival booklet and also by covering the cost of the electricity for the borough’s Christmas lights.

Fields also announced that the fall cleanup/bulky item day will be September 20.

Regular business

During regular business, council approved payment of August bills in the amount of $6,386.37. Revenue for the same period was $21,272.83. Checks were written for $12,561.39, leaving a September 1 balance of $58,280.44.

Council members present for the meeting were Travis Bard, Rick Buterbaugh, David Washabaugh, Adam Gress, Jim Smith, Pat Booth and Pat Frazier.

Borough Council meets the first Wednesday of each month at 7:30 p.m. at the Fulton House. The next regular meeting will be held October 2, 2013.

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