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Commissioners Tackle Tuesday Agendas

By Chanin Rotz-Mountz


Fulton County commissioners Rodney McCray, Craig Cutchall and Irvin Dasher met Tuesday morning with their business manager on a variety of issues, including a plan for addressing the moisture issues in the basement office area of the Neighborhood Service Center.

Business manager Tim Stanton told the commissioners he had previously been part of a sitdown meeting with domestic relations and probation office employees concerning “office issues and air testing that was recently completed.” Following up on the staff members’ request, Stanton presented the commissioners with a recommendation that the carpet in this area be professionally cleaned or sanitized or have the carpeting replaced with tile.

McCray asked Stanton as part of the commissioners’ “plan of attack” to present the employees with a questionnaire or survey asking their preference tile or carpeting.

Dasher pointed out that the water infiltration in the basement could indeed be a major project that may not be covered in its entirety by the county’s maintenance budget. He asked if tackling such a project could require a real-estate tax millage increase or even additional borrowing.

McCray added that the commissioners and business manager were wasting their time talking about the issue if they weren’t going to come up with a solution. In the meantime, it was decided a carpet cleaning would tentatively be scheduled.

Stanton mentioned the need to speak with the commissioners regarding the health of maintenance employees. The group then convened behind closed doors for approximately 30 minutes to discuss the personnel-related issue. No formal action was taken as a result of the discussion.

Stanton was also on-hand for a very brief bid-opening ceremony, which saw the submission of one lump-sum bid in the amount of $30,975 by Fulton Electrical Services for the courthouse lightening-protection project. The bid was held for additional review. Others present for the hearing was Dennis Newcomer of CES Engineering.

The commissioners approved two notices of award to TMS Excavating for demolition of Annex 1, which previously housed the office of Magisterial District Judge Wendy Mellott for $20,500; and paving of the parking lot behind Annex 1 for $40,504.

Last Tuesday, Commissioner McCray agreed to write a letter to Pennsylvania Department of Transportation to request permission to remove the three traffic signal flashing warning devices on Route 30, referencing a letter from Thomas Prestash, PennDOT district executive, dated August 12.

The commissioners sat down with county Chief Probation Officer Dan Miller and technology director Eldon Martin to discuss cellphone coverage problems in the area of the probation and domestic relations offices. Martin presented the commissioners with research information he completed on a cellphone service extension option from Uber Signal of New York at a cost of $695. The proposal comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee if the solution does not work. The commissioners agreed to try the proposal.

The commissioners went on to discuss with Martin the need to replace an existing cooling system in the courthouse network room.

A hearing was held to receive final public comment on the proposed revision of Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) allotments for the 2009 and 2010 contracts. In 2009, it was suggested to eliminate approximately $1,500 in funding to the Needmore sewer project and add the money onto the funding already being received in Todd Township for sewer upgrades in Knobsville. In 2010, the contract revision included reducing the Needmore sewer system allotment from $83,599 to $75,099.63. A reduction in funding from $26,401 to $24,900.37 was also suggested for the McConnellsburg Borough curb-cut project.

No comments were received, and the modifications for the two contract years were approved as presented.

Planning/mapping Director Mary K. Seville presented a proposal from Mercersburg Printing to reprint 5,000 county maps for the cost of $3,694, which was unanimously approved.

A bid-opening ceremony was held regarding the CDBG-funded project that will result in accessibility improvements at the Brush Creek and Licking Creek township election houses. On hand for the opening were Brandon Gelvin with Gelvin & Son LLC and Dennis Newcomer with CES Engineering. Gelvin & Son submitted a bid as did P&W Excavating, which were tabled for further review.

A county video tour agreement was penned with CGI Communications Inc. for updates to the existing videos on the county Web site. CGI Communications provides the service free of charge to the county.

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