2013-08-29 / Letters

Concerned About Direction Fair Has Taken

To The Editor:

I am writing in review of the Fulton County Fair. I wanted to bring up a few concerns that plagued me last week while attending the festivities. I sat outside the fence near the softball fields Monday, Tuesday and Thursday to watch the events as I am disabled and it is hard to do a lot of walking inside. However, I went in to sit on the bleachers to watch the derby on Wednesday. This year, I was asked to park outside the gates instead of where the handicapped accessible parking usually is inside. When I got to the bleachers, I talked briefly to a man, also disabled, with a cane, and he expressed that although he provided his handicapped sign, he was asked to park further up the rows with everyone else.

He told me he fell multiple times as he made his way down through the field. On Friday, as I had most of the week, I parked outside the fence by the softball fields and a member of the fair board, I assume, came down to tell me that I had to move because he thought I was doing illegal activities there and that he was notified of this. Because I did not move, a state policeman arrived and proceeded with questioning me of this man’s accusations of unlawful activity. I told him I was innocently watching the events as I had all week and was not sure why it was a problem all of a sudden. I told him I was disabled. He questioned me some more and then did a search of my vehicle, finding only what I told him he’d find – my diabetic supplies. He also performed a test on me and said that I had passed.

However, the man who had called him asked that I leave regardless. Although unhappy about the events that had occurred, I obliged and left. While at Sheetz later on, I saw many fair ride employees standing around drinking and harassing women. I am writing in concern of a place that we go for entertainment one week out of the year. Is this the type of place, the type of people, that we want our children to be around? I think that I was mistreated and discriminated against for being disabled, and I know I am not the only one. I have lived in Fulton County my entire life. I raised my children here, and we have all attended the fair event annually, just like many others. There have been a lot of changes that have not been for the best over the years, and I know they will continue in that direction if something is not said or done. While I understand the hard work that is put into it, I think these issues are important to be considered, reviewed and to find a solution for. Let’s help keep Fulton County safe and beautiful.

Terry Keefer

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