2013-08-29 / Letters

Bard Victims Speak Out

To The Editor:

In May of 2009, Robert Bard left our house after we finally realized that all the funds that we had entrusted to him were wiped out. Little did we know, but at the same time other trusting individuals were in the same boat. He mentioned that it would take quite some time to bring this to court. Well, on August 21, 2013, that time finally arrived. A jury deliberated for approximately three hours and unanimously agreed “beyond a reasonable doubt” that Robert Bard was criminally guilty of all 21 charges.

One heart-breaking testimony after another revealed the fraud this person (I will refrain from using the terminology of “man.”) engaged in. His deceit involved many of his friends, relatives and neighbors, but ultimately, we gained strength in each other, the support of the U.S. Attorney’s Office and the FBI, and knowing that truth was on our side. It was amazing to sit in a courtroom and see absolutely no emotion expressed by him throughout the week and a half trial as one victim after another outlined the course of events that led to their losses, often breaking down on the stand. He spent most of his time with his head down, writing on his yellow notepad, and never looking at those whom he devastated. To us, this further demonstrates his inhumanity and lack of remorse, or any efforts to accept accountability or responsibility for his actions. His defense attorney expressed that Robert was merely a “fall guy” or “sacrificial lamb” in his closing arguments. We only know of one Sacrificial Lamb, and it isn’t Robert Bard.

Although justice is being served, and he will have prison time to ponder his actions, the material loss experienced by so many will never be recuperated. In addition, the emotional trauma and loss of trust in the human race will always be present and difficult to repair.

For those who continue to believe in his innocence, we can only say that he has been found guilty by the SEC and the federal court system, and we can assure you that at least he won’t be able to lose your life savings and hardearned money by investing and losing it as he did ours. We can only hope that those who have been affected by this person can find solace in this as well. One of our social media friends posted a note the day of the verdict that was so appropriate. It alluded to the fact that we need to let go of what’s gone, be grateful for what remains, and look forward to what’s coming. The sentencing will occur in a few months, and we will be there to present our final thoughts. From that time on, we will no longer let Robert Bard consume our lives. It is time to move on and let him pay the price on Earth and explain it to his maker on judgment day.

Semper Fi,
Nancy and
Mike Szwydek

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