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County Food Basket 2013 Gardening Program Nears End


Harry Miller Harry Miller Each spring the Fulton County Food Basket sponsors the Community Gardening Program. Garden plots, seeds, fertilizer, and plants are provided with the assistance of other local business and organizations to those who are interested in growing their own produce and may not have the means to obtain the necessary materials needed to do so. Participants grow food for themselves and have been known to donate the excess back to the Food Basket.

This year two families had garden plots at the Food Basket. At least 12 families had garden plots on their own soil, with several other families receiving free plants. Senior citizens at the three county senior centers and Mountain View House and the preschool and school-age children at the Fulton County Center for Families tried their hand at planter gardens. This year has come with much reward for the participants and their crops. The community garden is successfully producing green beans, tomatoes, onions, bell peppers, squash, corn and other miscellaneous crops. Those whose gardens have been producing well have generously donated the excess for distribution to the more than 160 families served by the Food Basket.

Harry Miller and Helen Leake have spent the summer working their gardens. Helen grew corn and tomatoes and has been spending the last few weeks canning her own salsa. Harry recently entered sunflowers grown in his garden in the Fulton County Fair, along with a photograph of his sunflower garden and received firstand second-place premiums. Both Harry and Helen are continuing to enjoy their produce and look forward to next year’s garden program.

In addition to a personal Food Basket plot, the Fulton County Food Basket has also received donations from local gardens and private individuals that have allowed fresh produce to be given out to families in the community. Volunteers from the Food Basket have also harvested local fruit trees and gardens when individuals call willing to donate their overabundance.

As the growing season comes to an end and it becomes time to harvest, the Fulton County Food Basket is proud of the participants and thankful for the donations. Anyone wanting to donate any excess from gardens or would like information on how to participate in the Community Garden Program for 2014 please contact Susan Cubbage at 717- 485-5688.

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