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Central Fulton PTSO Needs Support

To The Editor:

Parents, Grandparents, Custodial Parents of CFSD:

I’m putting out a call to all of the above to ask for your help on behalf of your children with the Central Fulton Parent, Teacher, Student Organization, better known as the PTSO. This organization provides money for all your child’s field trips, whether they are educational or reward trips.

The PTSO also gives aide to the community, which could be a personal gift to a family with financial needs due to sickness, hardship, an accident, etc. We also give financial donations to our teachers when asked. This could be for educational, musical or sports equipment that is greatly needed. Money also goes to many groups who aide the community.

Without more help the PTSO may be coming an end in the near future. The responsibilities of the PTSO have fallen on the shoulders of six to eight parents/grandparents. This is an unrealistic load to continue to carry. There are more than 500 students who benefit from the PTSO. We also help the high school and middle school students and faculty when the need is presented to us.

If you are tired of you and your children selling items as fundraisers for field trips, then please attend and give voice, opinions and ideas on ways to allow the field trips and other benefits of the PTSO to continue.

We meet every second Tuesday of the month, except in December when we have “Santa’s Workshop.” This is not a fundraiser. This workshop is available so your child can shop for their family and have a little holiday fun. The meetings start at 6:30 p.m. Babysitting is provided for your children. Our monthly meetings are only 30 minutes to an hour in length.

One hour once a month is not much to give or ask for, is it?

Alice Cutchall


Grandmother of four

PTSO member

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