2013-08-22 / Correspondents' Notes


By Kate Berkstresser

We are still having beautiful weather, and I’m sure the county fair folks enjoyed last week’s great weather.

Hope all the folks who entered exhibits at the fair did well.

June Bennett of Carlisle spent a couple days with her mother, Kate Berkstresser, and also Harvey and Pat Berkstresser visited the same days. All had a garage sale.

Happy birthday wishes to Shawn Berkstresser on August 27 and Patsy Gelvin August 22.

Sorry to hear of Sam Blizzard passing away. He was auctioneer at Sam’s Auction in Breezewood. Our sympathy is extended to his family and friends.

Also sympathy to the family and friends of Mary Mae Bookheimer who passed away this past weekend.

It is hard to believe school bells will soon be ringing. It was a short summer.

Household Hint: Storing leftover paint. In time a partly used can of paint or finish will develop a skin on top. When you’re about to put away a can that won’t be opened for a while, cut a disk of wax paper to the can’s diameter and simply drop it onto the surface of the paint before replacing the lid. The air in the can won’t be able to react with the product, creating a skin.

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