2013-08-15 / Correspondents' Notes

Our Town

By Kay McGarvey

Birthday wishes to Debra McGarvey, August 16; Jim Souders, August 18; Donald Ray and Kathie Sipes, August 20; Margaret Shepard, August 19; Nancy Harris, August 21; Jane McKinley

Himes, August 17; Nancy Wible

Hewett, August 22; Dylan Gelvin, 21 on August 26; Xavier Buterbaugh, 10 on August 20; Nathan Karczewski, 21 on August 11; Maggie May Johnston, 3 on August 23; Emily Karczewski, 19 on August 25; Deb Buterbaugh, August 21; Janet Mellott, August 22; Judy Shafer, August 23; Jenny Buterbaugh, August 22; Phyllis Wormley, August 11; Joyce Mellott, August 6; Cody Ward, August 26; Lee Vicroy, August 19; and Bridgit Mellott, July 27.

Sympathy goes out to the family of Mary Deshong who passed away last week.

Congratulations to Maria Randazzo and Gary Hibner who were married Saturday in Hershey and to Jordan Ott who was married Saturday in Michigan. Family members and friends of this area attended the weddings.

Lawrence “Ike” and Audrey Bivens will observe their 65th wedding anniversary on August 18.

Laurel Ridge Church and Siloam Church held their festivals Saturday, and the weather was great for an outing.

Barry Weller and Melissa Lake were married in North Myrtle Beach on August 7 with their parents and other relatives. Guests also included Pastor John Godissart, who married them, and family.

Keith and Connie Cunningham observed their 26th wedding anniversary August 7.

Sid and Lisa McConahy will observe their fourth wedding anniversary on August 19, and Aaron and Emile Ott Olson will celebrate their first wedding anniversary.

Steve and Barb Weller will observe their 37th wedding anniversary August 21, and Brian and Deb Fletcher their 39th anniversary on August 17.

Dave Hoover and granddaughters Leah and Lexi and Linda Hoover attended the Rishell 83rd reunion on Saturday in Clearfield County. They were surprised when quite a huge bear crossed the roadway in front of their car while on their travels.

Congratulations to Sarah Hollenshead who was crowned the Fulton County Fair Queen on Sunday evening. Nicole Cutchall was runner-up.

Quotable Quotes: “There is no distance to friends, for friendship gives wings to the heart.”

It Happened This Week: In 1911 Procter and Gamble introduced something it called an “absolutely new food” – Crisco vegetable shortening.

Country Shortcuts: To soften cream cheese seal it in a plastic bag and immerse in warm water for three to five minutes.

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