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CFSD Board, Administration Fiscally Responsible, Dedicated

Editor’s Note: The following letter has been written in re sponse to “Questions CFSD Use Of Taxpayers’ Money,” a letter to the editor that appeared in the July 4 issue of The Fulton County News. To The Editor:

Wow a conspiracy theory with an evil band of administrators and devious group of school board members! Something right out of the “Bourne Identity.” Actually, the integrity of every board member has been insulted. Most of the board grew up in this community, have children in the school system, or have lived here much longer than my 23 years.

The board and administration make all attempts to remain as fiscally responsible as possible while striving to ensure the success of every student through both academic and extracurricular opportunities. The sad truth is that with retirement contributions, rising healthcare costs and mandated programs without state funding, much of the budget is beyond our control. But to fail to recognize the contributions of our administration and support staff would be irresponsible. The teaching staff get contracted yearly increases and, yes, it would be nice if those increases were higher. Please contact your representative in Harrisburg.

The Central Fulton School District recently received a bronze national rank by U.S. News Best High Schools. This doesn’t happen without having a group of caring and dedicated teachers and proficient, loyal administrative team. We chose to send all four of our children to Central Fulton schools, and all are very successful due in part to the dedicated teachers, administration, staff and education they received here.

I’ve been part of the personnel committee and have helped hire quite a few teachers. All of the individuals hired expressed an inborn desire to teach and help students. Hopefully upon reflection at the end of a teacher’s day they can feel that they gave it their best. And if they were able to help at least one struggling or troubled student it was a very good day. Bravo and thank you. Statistics have shown that there will always be a small percentage of people that will never be content under any circumstances.

I don’t have degrees in education but I do have a bachelor’s degree, master’s degree and professional degree. All that indicates is I’ve experienced my share of teachers and am very thankful for the quality of administrators and teachers we have at Central Fulton.

In the Land of Oz there are full health benefits, salaries are high and people are happy for their neighbors’ success and most importantly school board members are paid handsomely, but alas this is McConnellsburg and we’ll have to struggle to do our best. The previous statement sounds rather flippant, but the choices we have to make are never taken lightly or without a lot of soul searching. We too only try to do our best.

Keep in mind that it is always easy to be a Monday quarterback, coach from the bleachers or sling mud from behind a wall of ignorance. I’m not a counselor, but I’m sure there’s a term for an individual who begrudges or envies another one’s financial success. Oh yes, it’s sad. It’s not any of my business nor should it be anyone else’s how an employee of Central Fulton School District manages their personal finances. I believe that an individual should be financially compensated and, yes, rewarded, not penalized, based on their level of education and work experience.

Those who want more of a voice in budgetary matters, please run for school board. You’ll quickly find that the grass isn’t always greener on the other side.

Dr. Brent Carlson

Central Fulton board member

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