2013-07-18 / Local & State

Western Pa. Homes Evacuated After Ground Shifts

PITTSBURGH (AP) – Residents of several homes in a Pittsburgh-area borough were evacuated after the buildings began shifting on their foundations.

Emergency responders said portions of the street in the Mount Oliver neighborhood began to sink and crack Friday afternoon. Five homes were affected, and the three occupied ones were evacuated.

Residents speculated that a broken water line might be to blame, but Pennsylvania American Water spokesman Gary Lobaugh said mine subsidence was more likely than “the minimal amount” of water released during last Wednesday’s break.

Resident Stephen Thomas told the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review that his house sank so much that a water pipe broke, leaving the interior sopping, and separated the front porch from the home.

Across the street, Rebecca Cillo said her grandchildren’s home shifted so much they couldn’t open the front door.

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