2013-07-18 / Family

Swope Family Holds Reunion

The descendants of the late Andrew and Iola Swope held their 55th reunion at Sideling Hill Christian Chruch pavilion on June 30. The two girls who are still living were unable to attend. The family had two marriages and a new baby. The daughter-in-law was able to attend. Rev. William Swope called the family together, and Rev. Willis Swope had the blessing and games were played for the children.

Attending were: Ronald Swope, Joan and Donald Snyder, Bill and Arletta Swope, Iola and Ronnie Zeger, Andy, Cindy, Kendra and Bruce Swope, Darren, Martha and Jacob Swope, Karl and Sue Swope, Paul, Jana, Tommy and Gavin Swope, Jim, Charlene and Erin Post, Mallory Swope, Chris Hardin, Karla, Josh, Jonathan and Kaden Shadle, Jennifer Garland, Kevin Lynch, Matthew Swope Jr., Aaron, Jessie and Scott Swope, Ralph and Peggy Swope, Abby Gustaf, Ken and Diane Swope, Charles and Tina Swope, Violet and Zack Williams, Dorothy Royal, Pam and Arionna De- Shong, Andy Swope, Mildred Swope, Jeremy Post, Maggie and Owen Cunningham, Donald Swope, Donna, Mallory, Wylan and Myles Gress, Jaynee Hendershot, Tracy Swope Wagner, Cloyd and Ruth Swope, Cloyd Jr. and Trey Swope, Debbie DeShong, Brandy, Brady and Kennedy Locke, Will and Barb Swope, Grace Sipes, Brent and Kylor Morningstar, Stephanie Swope, Paige Swope, Tom and Betty Mellott and Pauline Lynch.

Next year’s reunion will be at Sideling Hill Christian Church on the last Sunday of June.

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