2013-07-11 / Local & State

Pittsburgh Mayor’s Profile Wanes With Feds’ Probe

By Joe Mandak


PITTSBURGH (AP) – Pittsburgh Mayor Luke Ravenstahl seemed to be everywhere seven years ago when he became the youngest mayor of a major U.S. city at age 26. He even wound up on “Late Night with David Letterman.’’

But now Ravenstahl rarely makes public appearances and is quitting when his term ends this year. When he is in public, he nearly always cuts and runs if reporters ask questions about a federal grand jury investigation that appears to be focusing on him.

Investigators won’t say what it’s about. But witnesses including Ravenstahl’s bodyguards say it has to do with a slush fund that has already cost the police chief his job and whether the bodyguards spend too much time with Ravenstahl when he’s out on the town.

Ravenstahl and his attorney deny wrongdoing.

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