2013-07-11 / Local & State

Historical Society To Hold Meeting

Fulton County Historical Society summer membership meeting will be held July 26, at 6 p.m., at Sideling Hill Primitive Baptist Church. The meeting will include some comments by local history buffs and a tour of the cemetery.

The Sideling Hill Primitive Baptist Church and Cemetery are located near Sideling Hill Mountain. They are in a quiet and peaceful wooded area, down a lane away from roads where no houses or cars can be seen. The cemetery was recorded circa 1965- 66, but a more recent recording was made in 1990.

The history of the Sideling Hill Primitive Baptist Church has been intertwined with the Tonoloway Baptist Church, as the first members of the Sideling Hill Primitive Baptist Church had formerly been members at Tonoloway. The Baptists at Sideling Hill worshiped at Tonoloway until the late 1780s. In the meantime, Elder Thomas Runyan moved to Sideling Hill, and by 1790 there was interest in formally organizing the church. In 1875, the congregation voted to replace the original meeting house; a new building (the one now standing) was completed by December 1890.

Recommended directions (since there is a bridge out on Sipes Mill Road): Take Great Cove Road (522 S) to Needmore and turn right onto Wertzville Road; follow for several miles then turn left onto Palmer Road; follow to Sipes Mill Road and turn right onto Sipes Mill Road. The marker for the church will be on the right; if you go too far you will come to the bridge that is out.

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