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Author Commemorates 250th Anniversary Of Pontiac’s Rebellion

Reed Runk of Chambersburg has recently published his second novel entitled “Pontiac’s Revenge.” The publication of this novel coincides with the 250th anniversary of the sart of Pontiac’s Rebellion (1763-1766), which brought havoc to the war-weary British colonists of North America. Pontiac was a chief of the Ottawa tribe of the Great Lakes region.

Runk’s book is not an historical novel. And those who expect a book such as his nonfictional books about Native Americans may be disappointed. But the many readers of his first novel, “The Platinum Ice Pick,” should enjoy this read. “Pontiac’s Revenge” may delight those who appreciate genres such as detective, action/adventure, and spy novels.

Runk’s protagonist, Detroit Symms, can be found in both novels. In “Pontiac’s Revenge,” Symms, a Detroit area private detective, has a client who sees himself as somewhat of a reincarnation of this great Ottawa chief who picks up where Pontiac stopped and is determined to control the United States and possibly the rest of the world.

Runk, who moved to Chambersburg in 1973 from Fulton County, uses local place names in this work. Fulton County is a setting where murder and mayhem takes place as well s the detonation of an experimental underground nuclear bomb.

Both of Runk’s paperback novels published by Author House can be purchased from various online stores such as Barns and Noble, and Amazon Books. They can also be found at Northwood Books, 59 North Main Street, Chambersburg, Pa. Northwood Books also carries his two Native American books: “Long Guns and Tomahawks” and “Stories and Articles of Eastern Native Americans.”

When Runk is not writing he usually can be found making gold and silver jewelry at Kendall, Funk and Bismark in downtown Chambersburg.

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