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Questions CFSD Use Of Taxpayers’ Dollars

To The Editor:

I was happy to read in the “News” a couple of weeks ago that the new Central Fulton School District superintendent, Dixie Paruch, did not accept a pay raise this year. I think that is very admirable of her and offers hope that a leader in this community is recognizing the financial hardships of our school district and is putting the students before herself. I am disappointed the principals and other administration did not do the same.

I am a local taxpayer, and although I choose to send my child to a Christian school, I still pay close to $2,000 a year in taxes to the Central Fulton School District. I am happy to pay these taxes as long as they are going toward helping the students become quality citizens. I love this community, and I am willing to do what it takes to help create successful kids who may one day be leaders in our town. When I saw that the principals, assistant principals and middle management all accepted a pay raise this school year, I became quite concerned about where my money is actually going. As it has been published in the paper in the past, the salaries of our local principals are very high, with one year of their pay being higher than most citizens of McConnellsburg can make in two or three years of working.

Did they really need another raise? Why not give that money to the teachers and support staff members who actually deserve it. Give that money to the teachers whose students had the highest PSSA test scores. Give extra money for field trips, new computers for teachers or students, health insurance to family members of support staff. I can think of many other ways – better ways – to spend our tax dollars than to give the administrators another raise. If the principals cannot live on $80,000 or more a year (and sometimes double when there are two administrators in a family), then maybe we should reconsider those positions.

I have degrees in elementary education, counseling and a Ph.D. in education. I have worked in several capacities at CFSD and other schools in the past. I am aware of the job duties of the administration, teachers and support staff. I know for a fact the support staff and teachers are overworked, underpaid and completely under-appreciated. Some give more time to the school than to their own families, and are even persecuted for it due to personality conflicts with certain administrators. And after all of their hard work, they still are not made to feel as if they have job security. Good teachers and staff are let go or forced out due to “the budget” or personality conflicts, but middle management and administrators are given raises. This makes no sense at all! It is in hard times that the leader should make the sacrifice, not the teachers, staff or students (well demonstrated by Superintendent Paruch).

Does anyone agree or disagree with me? After all, it is your school, not the principal’s and not the school board’s. The public school is the place where we are going to build community leaders for the future! Is anyone else displeased with the decisions being made? How do you feel about leadership of the students? Does anyone else want input into where their tax dollars are being spent? Please write to the “News” to voice your concerns to continually improve our “public school system” and build a better community around this institution.


Susanne Reed, Ph.D.

Local business owner and taxpayer

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